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Sting is planning the end of his pro wrestling career

All Elite Wrestling

Sting’s return to pro wrestling is turning out way better than anybody could have expected two years ago when he first showed up in AEW at Winter is Coming 2020. At the time, the plan was for him to just do a cinematic match or two to end his career on a positive note after his WWE run in 2015 ended in disappointment and injury. Here he is two years later with a 13-0 record in AEW (including a tag match alongside CM Punk), wowing fans with crazy dives off balconies, and about to go to Japan to take part in The Great Muta’s Last Match.

In an interview with The Ringer, Sting discusses the sequence of events that led to his signing with All Elite Wrestling. By the end of the interview, Sting reveals that he has a plan in mind for how he will bring his pro wrestling career to an end:

“Well, I know Darby [Allin] is going to be a part of it for sure. I won’t have a singles match at this point. Darby will be along with me and I’ll be along with him and we can add more to it as far as I’m concerned. But I have a few people [in mind] and I really don’t want to say now.”

The admission that he won’t have singles matches is sure to disappoint anybody who was hoping to see AEW World Heavyweight Champion Sting actually be a thing that happens before he retires At least the door is still open for Sting to win tag team or trios titles, though.

Sting is hoping that pro wrestling fans will enjoy the ride as he says goodbye:

“I want them to just be left with a memory that they’ll never forget, a good positive memory. I want fans to be thoroughly entertained and just having a good time and reminiscing with me. As history begins to come to an end, as the last wave comes into shore, I want to ride it with all those who want to come on with me. Absolutely.”

Who else do you think Sting will work with in his final matches besides Darby Allin? How much longer do you expect the 63-year-old legend to continue wrestling?

Let us know in comments below, Cagesiders.

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