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Uh oh, I think Karen Jarrett is coming to AEW

Impact Wrestling on YouTube

Lots of wrestling fans groaned when Jeff Jarrett debuted in AEW in early November. In less than two months, the TNA founder & WWE Hall of Famer has won a main event match and is very likely headed to an AEW tag team title shot (with Jay Lethal) against The Acclaimed’s Max Caster and Anthony Bowens.

As part of their feud, The Acclaimed released a music video yesterday that didn’t hold back in ripping apart Jarrett and Lethal’s history in the pro wrestling business.

One of the insults included a reference to Karen Jarrett, Jeff’s current wife, who used to be married to Kurt Angle:

“Failing upwards is just your way of life
And you’re stealing money like it’s Kurt Angle’s wife”

Karen was not too happy about this one, so she issued the following threat to Caster and AEW President Tony Khan afterwards:

During the summer, Karen was directly involved in Ric Flair’s Last Match, and has since admitted that she wants to do more in pro wrestling going forward. The above tweet sure makes me think that she is on her way to AEW very soon.

Are you looking forward to seeing more Jarretts on your television screen in 2023, Cagesiders?

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