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The Acclaimed’s latest targets Jarrett with bars about Global Force Gold, Kurt Angle’s ex-wife

AEW Tag Team champions The Acclaimed are feuding with Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh and their newest addition, Jeff Jarrett. Reeling from a loss Anthony Bowens & Daddy Ass Billy Gunn suffered at the hands of Jarrett & Lethal on last week’s Rampage, the champs came back with a new music video about Double-J on the Dec. 28 Dynamite.

Lethal caught a few strays, and was lampooned by a guy dressed like his old “Black Machismo” Randy Savage cosplay gimmick. But ole’ Slapnuts was definitely the main target here, and Max Caster didn’t pull any punches.

Verses included:

Bout to have you tapping like a Morse Code
I stay scheming like I’m Global Force Gold



Failing upwards is just your way of life
Man, you’re stealing money like it’s Kurt Angle’s wife


On commentary after the video played, Taz described the rhymes as “snug”. Jarrett surely approved of it all, but... yeah.

Now we wait to see how the “R-A-S-S-L-E Rassler” and “Carny” responds.

Get complete results and coverage of everything from tonight’s “New Year’s Smash” edition of Dynamite here.

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