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Dax Harwood didn’t like Colt Cabana mocking his accent, but never heard a bad word about him from CM Punk

Phil Brooks and Scott Colton, in happier times.

One of the topics teased for the first episode of the new FTR with Dax Harwood podcast was simply, “Colt.”

Seeing as Colt Cabana was a big focus of CM Punk’s gripebomb after All Out, and has remained central to Punk’s issues with The Elite both before & after the post-PPV fight that led to suspensions or worse for all involved, it felt like there may have been some sort of bombshell coming.

The reveal isn’t terribly explosive. It’s more the story of how one co-worker rubbed a new hire the wrong way:

“I don’t know Colt very well. The very first day we were in the company, I could be wrong, I just felt that Colt didn’t like us. There were some people there that didn’t like us. I remember that he made fun of my accent the very first day and I wasn’t very happy with that.

“I take offense to that and maybe I shouldn’t but if people knew my backstory and how hard I worked to get the education that I got. I was in college and my mom and dad both lost their jobs within a month of each other. I had nobody to help me with rent or books or food or anything. So, I had to work three jobs plus wrestling on the weekends just so I could pay for my college. I paid for my own college and got a degree at UNCW [University of North Carolina Wilmington] and a bachelor’s in English and a bachelor’s in business communication. It was all through my efforts and if the people saw the sleepless nights that I had, the nights that I cried because I was worried that I wasn’t going to get this or the nights I had negative dollars in my bank account because I was paying for books or putting things on credit cards and stuff like that, I think maybe they could understand it then.

“But for him to make fun of my accent because the connotation is if you’re a southerner, you’re stupid. That bothers me and maybe I shouldn’t let it bother me. So, that was the very first run-in I ever had with Colt but other than that, I’ve never really had a conversation with him, never talked to him, nothing like that.

Regarding the issues between Punk & Cabana, which stem from their legal battle with former WWE doctor Chris Amman over Punk’s 2014 appearance on Colt’s The Art of Wrestling podcast, Harwood says he never heard about them from anyone in AEW — including Cabana & Punk:

“No one said anything to me. I heard nothing but when he first got there, no one said anything, and to be honest, I really had no idea that there was any kind of problem between the two. I knew there were issues with the lawsuit with the doctor but I had no idea the extent of the problems they may have had and I never cared to ask because it’s none of my business.

No one ever said anything to me, and I say no one Punk included, Colt included, they never mentioned any kind of ill feelings towards one another.

What’s more, Dax says that as far as he’s concerned, the backstage environment in AEW is pretty drama-free:

“There are people who have their own locker rooms, for sure. That’s just where I spend the majority of my time, in the male locker room, which sounds weird for me to say out loud but that’s where I hang out, that’s where my friends are, that’s where my buddies are.

“I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this but Orange Cassidy, we’re good buddies and we have a drink. Trent Beretta, same thing, Chuck, same thing, obviously, Cash. We love the camaraderie of each other and we love the locker room that we’re in and we make sure that everyone knows that.”

Read more of Harwood’s comments about heat between Hangman Page & Punk, Brawl Out, and his hope that Punk can return to AEW... right here.

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