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AEW Rampage Holiday Bash live results, open thread (Dec. 23, 2022): $300K Battle Royal

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Rampage, airing tonight at 10 pm ET on TNT.

The latest edition of AEW’s Friday night show comes our way on tape from Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas (spoilers are here, if you’re interested - and if you are and choose to discuss them in the comments, please use the spoiler tag).

Tonight’s Holiday Bash card features a $300,000 Three Kings Christmas Casino Trios Royale. Some of the teams involved include Blackpool Combat Club, Orange Cassidy & The Best Friends, and Dark Order.

Elsewhere on the card we’ll see Daddy Ass & Anthony Bowens vs. Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal, Jade Cargill vs. VertVixen in a championship eliminator match, Wardlow has something to say, we’ll hear from Eddie Kingston & Ortiz, and more!

Come right back here at 10 pm ET when Rampage kicks off on TNT. We’ll update the post with everything that happens on the show below the line.

Enjoy the show!


  • Rampage kicks off with the $300,000 Three Kings Christmas Casino Trios Royale. Chris Jericho is on commentary. All three members of a team must be eliminated. It’s a staggered entry Battle Royal.
  • The match begins with LFI, Kip Sabian & Butcher/Blade, and Orange Cassidy/Best Friends in the ring. RUSH and Kip Sabian team up to beat up Orange Cassidy on the outside of the ring. Preston Vance hits Chuck Taylor with a spinebuster and tosses him out for the elimination. Blackpool Combat Club joins the match. Moxley pummels Butcher in the corner. Claudio and Yuta team up to work over The Blade. Dark Order joins the match. They go right after Vance, triple teaming him. Evil Uno almost eliminates Moxley, but he saves himself. Cassidy is stomped into the ground by several heels. Blade, Cassidy, and Sabian are eliminated in rapid fire fashion right after the commercial break. Cassidy and Sabian brawl to the back. SAP is out next. Trent eliminates Angelico. John Silver gets rid of Dralistico. RUSH tosses out Silver. Mox hits a cutter on Evil Uno and dumps him out of the ring. Luther is tossed out by Claudio Castagnoli. Tony Nese, Josh Woods, and Ari Daivari are next into the match. They triple team Trent outside the ring. Alex Reynolds is eliminated by Wheeler Yuta. RUSH hits his finisher on Yuta and eliminates him. Serpentico is nailed with Vance’s discus lariat and eliminated. Top Flight and AR Fox are the final team to enter the match. They triple team Trent in the corner and destroy him. Daivari is booted out of the ring by Claudio. Moxley boots Vance out of the match. Dante Martin tosses out Woods, and Nese is launched out by Darius soon thereafter. Trent piledrives Butcher on the ring apron to eliminate him. Trent is eliminated by RUSH. Claudio and RUSH have a standoff in the middle of the ring. They fight onto the ring apron. Claudio beats the shit out of RUSH and uppercuts him to elimination. Mox gets rid of Fox. It’s down to Claudio & Mox vs. Top Flight. Hangman Page enters the ring out of nowhere! He attacks Moxley. Security gets in the ring to break it up, and Top Flight dropkicks Mox out of the match. Page and Mox continue to go at it on the outside. Claudio is by himself against Top Flight inside the ring. He almost tosses them both out of the ring at the same time, but they both land on the apron. Top Flight take over from there, and almost eliminate Claudio with a double clothesline over the top rope. He lands on the apron, barely surviving. He gets back in there and tries manhandling them both by himself, but this time their tandem offense gets the job done, and they eliminate Claudio to win. Top Flight & AR Fox win the $300,000 Three Kings Christmas Casino Trios Royale.
  • Eddie Kingston and Ortiz make their way to the ring. They want a fight with House of Black right now. Malakai Black appears on the video board with a response. He says some cryptic shit insinuating that Kingston can’t trust Ortiz. Eddie and Ortiz have some words for each other and leave the ring, putting an end to this segment.
  • Renee Paquette interviews Sammy Guevara and Daniel Garcia. Garcia says he doesn’t like Sammy, but he’s a pro so he’ll do what Jericho says and shadow him. Sammy says Daniel is a tight ass and needs a hug. Sammy hugs him and says they are a family. They are gonna do great things together in 2023. Garcia doesn’t look into it at all.
  • Jade Cargill defeats VertVixen in a TBS championship eliminator match. Cargill overpowered her opponent with a body slam leading in to the commercial break. After the break, Cargill obliterated VertVixen with a pump kick for the pin fall victory. The champ is now 45-0.
  • Ruby Soho cuts a promo, setting up a future tag team match with Willow Nightingale against Tay Melo & Anna Jay.
  • Wardlow cuts a promo. He says Joe never pinned him or tapped him out to win the TNT title. He plans to beat Samoa Joe and win the title back next week on Dynamite.
  • Powerhouse Hobbs is beating up a jabroni outside the building.
  • Mark Henry interviews Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Anthony Bowens, and Daddy Ass ahead of their main event tag team match, coming up next.
  • Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal defeat Daddy Ass & Anthony Bowens. Bowens and Ass nail Lethal with a scissoring elbow drop early on in the fight. Jarrett gets his team back in control with a sneak attack on Bowens behind the ref’s back, right before the commercial break. Later in the fight, Lethal puts Bowens down with the Lethal Combination. Jarrett tags in and is welcomed with a “Jarrett Sucks” chant. Bowens superkicks him, with Daddy Ass begging for the hot tag. Bowens crawls over and makes the tag, as does Lethal. Ass clotheslines both of his opponents. Satnam Singh enters the ring and Ass clotheslines him over the top. The big man lands on his feet. Sonjay Dutt distracts Bowens, leading to The Stroke from Jarrett. Sonjay gives Ass a low blow behind the ref’s back, and Lethal follows up with Lethal Injection for the victory.
  • That’s the end of the show. Happy holidays everyone!

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