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It sounds like Miro rejected Tony Khan’s idea because he didn’t want to lose

All Elite Wrestling

Miro’s strange disappearance from AEW television has been an ongoing story for months. The latest reporting indicates that Miro is healthy and available to compete, but he recently rejected AEW’s plan for a match at Full Gear in November.

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer adds one interesting detail to the story, implying that Miro declined the Full Gear match because he didn’t want to lose:

“In September, Tony Khan came to Miro and he had this idea, which would build to a match on the November pay-per-view, and [Miro] didn’t want to do it.

It involved, it’s weird, a lot of the people who come from WWE are very leery, obviously Bryan Danielson being the exception, about doing jobs. And then it becomes very difficult to book when you don’t really want to do programs where you’re gonna lose.”

Meltzer goes on to also imply that Miro is one of the AEW wrestlers who want to go back to WWE, and says it doesn’t make sense for Tony Khan to spend television time pushing wrestlers who don’t want to be there.

“But anyway, they went through and now November is over and now we’re in the new cycle. And they were gonna bring him back and try to come up with ideas for him. And they very well may.

And then his wife comes in and says Rusev Day is gonna come back and everybody goes back to WWE. And if I’m Tony Khan at this point...why waste my time pushing this guy? I got 100 guys on the roster who want to be here. And now you’ve got these guys who want to be in WWE.”

This account may not be the full story here, but it at least serves as a reminder that Tony Khan was wrong when he suggested that WWE’s change in leadership wouldn’t make it a more attractive destination for pro wrestlers.

What do you think of the claim that a lot of ex-WWE wrestlers don’t want to lose in AEW, Cagesiders?

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