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Julia Hart’s House of Black promo is much easier to understand than Malakai Black’s riddles

The House of Black is a cool concept in AEW. They look cool, they talk cool, they produce cool vignettes, they spit cool mist, and they kick ass like cool badasses. All that coolness is making an impression on the AEW live crowds to earn cheers for their mysterious ways.

One problem though, I never know what Malakai Black is talking about in the grand scheme of things. His promos feel like fancy riddles steeped in lore too deep to be explored on a simple professional wrestling program.

Thankfully, Julia Hart is here to simplify the message by delivering an easily digestible promo on Dark.

Julia Hart: Why is the House of Black so evil? (That line was delivered in an annoying whiny voice of mockery.) Who said anything about being evil? We’re just human beings that like a little bit of violence. You know, good people can do bad things, and bad people can do good things. That’s all perspective and the mask you hide behind.

Just like me. Here when I first got in AEW as a cute innocent little cheerleader. And it wasn’t until the House of Black found me, who paved the way of the path of Black for me, and showed me what violence can do.

I’m getting bored explaining myself. So, if anybody wants to play, I’ll be in the ring. Just remember, the House always wins.

Hart backed up her words by making quick work of Sahara Seven. The Hartless Lock submission earned victory.

Hart’s promo is more relatable than Black’s mysticism. It veers the group’s motivation to tweener status rather than irredeemable heels. That’s fitting for the current cheers of positive reaction showered down from fans. The people want a gladiator show with violence, and the House of Black can fill that desire. It also leaves room for the bigger picture down the line however the House of Black evolves over time.

What’s your take on Julia Hart’s promo?

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