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CM Punk & FTR remind us they still love each other

It doesn’t take much to get pro wrestling (or, to be fair, pretty much any online fanbase) worked up. People on all sides of the business know this very well. A cryptic social media post, a “never say never” interview answer, or an out-of-context quote is all it takes to get a topic trending or start a rumor.

The fleeting nature of an Instagram Story is the perfect place to stir something up. It doesn’t take a lot of work to drop a photo or video clip there, and the fact it will disappear in 24 hours provides built-in plausible deniability.

All of which is to say, these pics Dax Harwood & CM Punk have put in their Stories over the past few days probably don’t mean any more than what the headline says — through everything that’s happened this year, especially the last four months of it, Punk & FTR still have love for each other.

You will, however, find more than a handful of folks taking this as a reason to hope Harwood, Cash Wheeler & Punk will reunite someday down the line — maybe even in AEW — to finish what they were starting when Punk broke his foot after Double or Nothing.

Dax Harwood’s Instagram
CM Punk’s Instagram

Dax’s photo, posted last weekend, seems current. Getting together with a friend during the holidays doesn’t necessarily mean anything, though. Punk’s is older, likely from sometime this past spring. It’s one of several which he posted about UK ska band The Specials, whose lead singer Terry Hall just died of pancreatic cancer. The specific song attached to the FTR pic is “Concrete Jungle”, the opening of which inspired the soccer chant wrestling fans turned into Bryan Danielson’s “You’re gonna get you head kicked in”.

It’s not the first pic of the guys Punk calls “Bald” and “Hair” he’s had in his Story (Danhausen has also made an appearance or two), so again — while RETURN IMMINENT jokes will fly, there’s no actual reason to believe a return is imminent.

But maybe there’s a chance...

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