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QT Marshall rules

All Elite Wrestling

I realized it when I was at a live Rampage show earlier this year. AEW filmed some Dark, or maybe it was Dark: Elevation, matches before the clock struck 10pm ET and the TNT cameras started rolling. Throughout these, QT Marshall and The Factory kept coming out between matches to mock the babyfaces or troll the crowd. It was all building to a moment on the broadcast after HOOK’s Rampage match.

The rest of my fellow rasslin fans laughed at HOOK’s Allen Iverson-inspired step over and chanted “Holy Shit”. I said to myself, “Self, QT Marshall is very, very good at his job.”

QT’s name has come up recently in the wake of Action Andretti’s upset victory over Chris Jericho on Dynamite this past Wednesday (Dec. 14). Partly, that’s because it was reportedly an October Marshall vs. Andretti Dark match that led to Jericho choosing Action to play 1-2-3 Kid to his Razor Ramon.

But it was also because Jericho referred to Andretti as a “jobber” in the lead-up to their match. The crowd chanted that rather than Action’s name, and Dynamite commentary sold the term as if Jericho had used an ethnic slur. It contributed to the pops Andretti got throughout the match and after his unexpected victory, and it prompted some discussion about enhancement talent online.

Some of that talk involved QT, which makes sense since he and his guys were doing their thing for House of Black’s return match earlier in the episode.

A fellow Marshall appreciator’s tweet found it’s way into QT’s timeline, and he reacted to it pretty perfectly...

I seriously doubt anyone gets into pro wrestling hoping to be a jobber. But if that’s the part you’re cast to play, (a) recognize that it’s an important role that’s long existed in the business/artform for a reason, (b) that you’re fortunate to get a chance to play it, especially for a company on national television, and (c) own it, hone it, and execute it so well that at least some of the audience and most of your peers recognize your contribution to the overall production.

That’s the attitude QT’s taking. It makes me glad he’s training the next generation of main eventers and jobbers with Cody Rhodes at their Nightmare Factory school/gym.

And it reminds me once again, just like he did at that Rampage, that QT Marshall rules.

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