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Moxley takes bleeding to a new level in his Rampage match this week

It’s become a point of contention for some, and a running joke for others. But everyone’s noticed how Jon Moxley’s took up Cody Rhodes’ mantle as AEW’s preeminent blader (not to be confused with AEW’s preeminent Blade).

Mox’s crimson masks have sparked rumors and led strangers to question whether WWE wasn’t onto something when they labeled him a lunatic. They’ve prompted his wife, Renee Paquette, to watch his matches through her fingers.

You probably don’t need a spoiler report to tell you Moxley will get some color when he faces Sammy Guevara on this week’s Rampage. Sounds like what we’ll see tonight (Dec. 16) may have come about the hard way, though (or something went REALLY WRONG while he was gigging). Seems even more gruesome than normal, too.

Our heads up on that comes from Paquette herself...

Hopefully the fact we haven’t heard more about this since Wednesday’s taping — and that Renee is joking around & using it as a bit of meta-promotion — means Mox didn’t actually lose an ear in Garland, Texas.

But you’ll have to tune in to find out.

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