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Miro comments on his AEW absence: ‘It’s not up to me’

Miro hasn’t wrestled in AEW since his victory in a trios match with Darby Allin and Sting at All Out in September.

Since then, every week when Dynamite comes to a close and Miro is nowhere to be found, it begs the very straightforward question: where the f*** is Miro?

Miro himself joked on Twitter at the end of September that nobody in AEW has the balls to deal with him. Since then, reporting indicates that Miro is healthy and available to return, but there have been some disagreements over creative plans. As a result he has remained on the sidelines.

So, what does Miro have to say about all of this?

NEWS x MUSE’s Mike Sandoval caught up with Miro and his wife CJ Perry (former WWE star Lana) at the premiere of Disney’s National Treasure: Edge of History, where he point-blank asked Miro about when he’ll be back in AEW.

Here is Miro’s response:

“It’s not up to me. I’m doing anything I can. And from then on, I’m just sitting and waiting for the opportunity.”

Miro didn’t elaborate beyond that brief response. But basic logic says that if he believes his return to AEW is not up to him, then the ball must be in AEW’s court.

How much longer do you think Miro will remain sitting on his couch and away from AEW, Cagesiders?

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