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AEW Dynamite Winter is Coming results, live blog (Dec. 14, 2022): MJF vs. Starks

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight at 8 pm ET on TNT.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we’re looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This week’s show is the third annual Winter is Coming special, and comes our way from Curtis Cullwell Center in Garland (Dallas), Texas. Maxwell Jacob Friedman defends both the World title and the Dynamite Diamond Ring against Ricky Starks! Match four in the best-of-seven Trios championship series between The Elite & Death Triangle! House of Black return to action! Ruby Soho looks for revenge against Tay Melo! Chris Jericho! And more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


This is dedicated to the woman I love, wherever she stands. My dedication? Liveblogging this here pro wrestling show for you folks.

The show opens with commentary welcoming us to and hyping up the show.

Death Triangle (PAC, Penta el Zero M, & Rey Fenix) vs. the Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson) (Best of Seven Series Match Four)

Don Callis is on commentary for this one.

Nick and Penta to start, leg pick, off the ropes, Jackson passes him aside, leapfrogs, block, Fear Factor denied, double jump lucha arm drag into a dropkick from the younger Buck! Tag to Fenix, Matt tags in, isolated with quick tags, assisted Kotaro Krusher on PAC for one!

The Bastard isolated, backbreaker into a double stomp, to the floor and back in and we get some more quick tags and some drama over Nick Jackson’s leg maybe being injured. The match breaks down, PAC takes it to Matt in the corner and we’re told Nick went to the back to get looked at and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Fenix working Matt over, Jackson catches him with the northern lights suplexes and rolls him through into more, one on Penta too when he tags in... NOPE! Tag to the Bastard, cutting Matt off but he gets through for the tag! Diving crossbody, axehandle, whip reversed, fireman’s carry, the Finlay Roll into the moonsault... NOT ENOUGH!

Dragon suplexes, Kenny cleaning house, PAC catches him with an Ace Crusher, big boot in the corner, German suplex gets a solebutt and then Omega drops him with a brainbuster! Penta hits Fear Factor on the apron to take Matt out, Fenix spikes Omega, moonsault Russian leg sweep off the top, Here It Is Driver... OMEGA KICKS OUT OF AN IMPLODING FROG SPLASH!

Nick Jackson hobbles his way back out and gets on the apron for the tag! Right hands for Fenix and Penta, a lariat for PAC, Rey gets clipped out of mid-air with an Ace Crusher! Superkick blocked, Penta has the hammer and smashes Nick’s leg with it! Fenix is hesitant but he puts Nick into a kneebar... IT’S OVER!

Death Triangle win by submission with a kneebar from Rey Fenix on Nick Jackson, bringing the series to 3-1 in their favor.

Post-match, Kenny Omega gets on the mic.

He says there’s gonna be enough talking on this show, but he’s got a message for Death Triangle and he wants them to hear it. A 3-1 deficit is hard to come back from, but they keep using the hammer and Kenny wants to make it legal. And not just hammers, but all weapons. No disqualification, to be clear.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is interviewed backstage.

He says Ricky Starks finally had a good turn on the mic and everybody’s saying it was a star-making performance, but he was a star from day one, a thousand hits and no misses. People claim Richard made himself a star, but in truth Max did it, because he’s a starmaker and you’re welcome for the rub, Rick.

He mocks Starks for talking about growing up poor and leaving out of a car and eating out of a dumpster with raccoons and says he doesn’t care and none of that matters. The only thing that matters is if you’re AEW World Champion. The simpletons at home relate to Starks because their lives suck, but they don’t fix it, they just moan and complain.

Ricky says he had it easy growing up and he’s right! MJF says he was born rich, attractive, and better than you, and he won’t apologize for it. Everyone is rooting for Ricky Starks to win the big one in his home state, and that’s pressure, and tonight we’ll find out what happens when pressure is applied to the Pebble.

Will he turn into the diamond everyone claims him to be, or will he turn into dust?

As for us, we’re going to break.

Back from commercial, the Acclaimed make their entrance but Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh, and Jeff Jarrett attack them from behind and lay them and Daddy Ass out!

In the ring, Caster fighting back with right hands but inevitably he gets overwhelmed and eats an El Kabong!

Double J asks if they have the Acclaimed’s attention now and tells them to “scissor this, slapnut.”

We get a recap of Claudio Castagnoli winning the ROH World Championship at Final Battle.

Chris Jericho is interviewed backstage with the Jericho Appreciation Society in tow.

He claims that the Giant Swing is barbaric and should be banned and he’s gonna take his frustrations out on some jobber to tune up for his inevitable rematch against Claudio.

Jericho interrupts Daniel Garcia being asked about the Pure Championship and tells him he just needs a little more seasoning and he should shadow his elder, Sammy Guevara, and learn a thing or two from him. Sammy cuts a promo on Jon Moxley, who has a match against on Friday night.

Jake Hager likes his hat.

Brian Cage vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Perry with an arm drag, blocked, off the ropes, ducking lariats but a shoulder block sends him spiraling! Off the ropes, Cage catches him into a fireman’s carry, reversed into a Frankensteiner! Charging in, back body drop to the apron, diving tijeras but Brian uses his strength to cut him off, doing curls out of a World’s Strongest Slam clutch and throwing Jack over his shoulder to send us to break!

Back from commercial, Perry with elbows, off the ropes, staggering Cage with a flying body press, a second, off the ropes with a lariat attempt! Brian shrugs him off, powerbomb lift reversed into a DDT! Big German suplex, swing-out Full Nelson STO... NOT ENOUGH!

Drill Claw reversed into a victory roll, Jungle Boy with a superkick but he runs right into a discus lariat! Fireman’s carry reversed, flip piledriver... CAGE KICKS OUT! Shifting into Snare Trap, Prince Nana runs interference, Cage taps but referee Aubrey Edwards is busy with Nana!

Fireman’s carry, Perry floats over again, ducks a lariat, Nana gets wiped out...

Jungle Boy wins by pinfall with an O’Connor roll.

Post-match, Jack Perry gets on the mic and says he’s beaten Luchasaurus and Brian Cage, so he wants the biggest bitch of them all, and calls “Big” Bill Morrissey down!

Stokely Hathaway enters and says Jungle Boy pisses him off, and he keeps it up he’s gonna see two things— the bottom of Big Bill’s boot, and the back of Stoke’s hand, because he’s a little ho.

Jungle Boy charges in, Lee Moriarty and Big Bill intervene and beat him down while Stokely says they should have music playing, rest in peace New Jack. Morrissey chokeslams Jack in the middle of the ring!


He stands with Jungle Boy as the Firm runs off.

Blackpool Combat Club (still missing Bryan Danielson) cut a promo backstage.

Jon Moxley says they said they were gonna make a statement, and Wheeler YUTA smashed Daniel Garcia’s face in with his elbow, Claudio Castagnoli swung a grown man until he wanted to puke and tapped out of nausea, and he kicked the shit out of Konosuke Takeshita until he fell to the mat like a sack of potatoes.

Claudio says in 2023, you wanna pick a fight, you think you’re good, they’re better. Wheeler says you want to fight you gotta be willing to fight like you’re dead, and Jon says Sammy Guevara’s a gutsy kid and he promises he’ll stomp his face into a bloody mess and leave him for dead.

And Hangman Page? Mox always says you know where to find him, and bring your little Dark Order buddies, too.

Commentary promises us the House of Black’s return, after the break.

Back from commercial, we get a Shane Strickland video package where he says he’s ready to confront Keith Lee and he has no friends or family in the wrestling business, just affiliates.

House of Black make their entrance and get in the ring with the Factory. Nick Comoroto gets in Julia Hart’s face and she spits mist at him! House of Black proceed to take the Factory apart, neither Malakai nor QT Marshall involved in the fray.

Malakai Black vs. QT Marshall

Ostensibly this was a trios match but it wasn’t clear which three members of the Factory were gonna be involved so I’m listing it like a singles here.

Anyway, it’s a one-more squash.

Malakai Black wins by pinfall with Black Mass.

A video package for Jamie Hayter defending her AEW Women’s World Championship against Hikaru Shida next week follows.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD is interviewed backstage when Skye Blue rolls up to ask if she can wrestle as good as she runs her mouth and challenges her for Rampage.

Britt accepts the match in between bouts of indignation.

Action Andretti vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho flipping the bird to the crowd, slapping Andretti, clawing at his face in the corner, Action blocks a punch to the face and throws chops but Chris boots him to the mat! Chops in the corner, off the ropes, Y2J shoving him down, drop down, leapfrog, more chops!

Shocked this match is going to two paragraphs, Andretti lands a tijeras, springboard tornillo... COVER FOR ONE! Lariat takes Action down, fireman’s carry into a Death Valley Driver! Jericho decides to finish it, Codebreaker... ACTION ANDRETTI KICKS OUT?! WE’RE GOING TO BREAK?!

Back from commercial, Jericho inexplicably still hasn’t ended it. Andretti eats a knee to the back of the neck, more chops into the corner, Action gets a huge backbreaker/neckbreaker combo and reverses Judas Effect into a pin for two! Enzuigiri staggers Jericho and sends him to the floor!

Arabian press Asai moonsault, back inside, Andretti springboards into a dropkick but Chris reverses... REVERSED INTO A SMALL PACKAGE FOR TWO! Big dropkick, kip-up, off the ropes, float over, headlock takeover! Running shooting star press... IT’S OVER?! ACTION ANDRETTI WON?!

Action Andretti wins by pinfall with a running shooting star press!

Ricky Starks cuts a promo backstage.

He says he’s winning the title tonight because he has no other options, he’s grinded and paid his dues and it all comes to a head tonight. Starmaking turns are nothing new to him, and Max has to find validation in ratings and being a draw but nobody gives a damn, but they do care about seeing Ricky Starks stomp his ass tonight.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial we see Jericho storming mad towards his locker room, smashing gear and road cases.

Ruby Soho vs. Tay Melo

Melo attacks Soho before the bell and hammers her with forearms against the barricade! Ruby fights back, forearms of her own, chops, trading punches, back in the ring and referee Bryce Remsburg checks on Soho!

We get a bell, Ruby goes behind, back suplex, Saito suplex, another one, not enough for a win! Mounted punches, Tay bails to the floor and walks off but Soho comes and gets her and hits the hammerlock DDT on the ramp as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Soho with wicked forearms and a knockout blow, smashing Melo into the turnbuckles, big boot, another one, lining a third up but Tay sidesteps so she pops up and headscissors her into the turnbuckles before smashing her face in repeatedly!

STO connects for two, Ruby up top, nobody home, she rolls through but Melo blasts her with a pump kick... SO CLOSE! Judo throw, Gotch piledriver, looking for the TayKO, reversed, knee lift staggers her, Soho grabs her nose...

Ruby Soho wins by pinfall with Destination Unknown.

Post-match, Anna Jay storms down and attacks Ruby Soho before checking on her pal Tay! Anna gets her up... TAYKO!

Backstage, Hangman Page is interviewed.

He asks if people want a status update, if he’s still got migraines every morning, if he’s cleared to face Jon Moxley? He’ll give you the update he should have given in October when he was snoring on the mat. He came to in the ambulance and started to ask him questions and the right answers came out, where he was, who he was wrestling...

...but then the EMTs gave him his phone and asked if his son was his lock screen and Page couldn’t remember his name for a solid hour. So if Mox wants to fight him, he’ll be there on Friday, he knows where the ring is, but he won’t go back to that hell again.

Commentary hypes up our upcoming cards.

Dustin Rhodes is backstage with Best Friends and “the spooky boy” Danhausen, and says they’ll crush their opponents Butcher and the Blade, Kip Sabian, and Trent Seven.

And so we go to break.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman (c) vs. “Absolute” Ricky Starks (AEW World Championship / Dynamite Diamond Ring Winner Takes All)

Starks shoves Friedman before the bell, referee Paul Turner collects the title and the ring and holds them up and calls for the bell!

Collar and elbow, Max with a side headlock, shot off, leapfrog, drop down, duck lariats, drop down and MJF struts over him! Off the ropes more, leapfrog, Starks with a shoulder block and Friedman crashes to the floor! Whip across, sunset flip for two, schoolboy for two, backslide, inside cradle, he can’t keep Max down so he drops him with a lariat!

MJF shoulder thrust, hard whip in the corner, checking his “watch” up in the turnbuckles, waistlock applied. Max sends Ricky to the floor and we go to break!

Back from commercial, both men down and out and beating referee Paul Turner’s count. Starks with a jawbreaker and a kick, charging back elbow and a leaping lariat takes Friedman off his feet! Tornado DDT follows, Roshambo blocked, Ricky adjusts and hits a Liger Bomb for two!

Sidestep, Starks takes the turnbuckles hard but recovers, Roshambo blocked again, waistlock, O’Connor roll, reversed, handful of tights but Ricky kicks out! Leapfrog countered, powerbomb backbreaker... STARKS WON’T STAY DOWN! MJF paintbrushing Starks with slaps, Ricky comes back with one of his own and they trade punches on a postage stamp!

Thumb to the eye, Friedman off the ropes and into a boot, rolling elbow gets a spear but Starks can’t capitalize! Again a standing ten count, they break it and Max immediately puts Salt of the Earth on! Switching grips, cross armbar, into an Ode to Jim Breaks to keep Starks from the ropes... MJF GRABS A FOOT BUT RICKY REACHES OUT WITH THE OTHER TO FORCE THE BREAK!

Headlock takeovers exchanged, two tight nearfalls, float out of a powerbomb, superkick staggers MJF, Roshambo attempt but Friedman floats over and hides behind Turner! He kicks Ricky low...

Maxwell Jacob Friedman wins by pinfall with an inside cradle, retaining both the AEW World Championship and the Dynamite Diamond Ring.

As MJF goes to leave, the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson comes out the entryway!

He gives chase but Max hightails it out of the arena through the crowd!

Danielson raises Starks’ hand and hugs him.

That’s the show, folks.

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