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AEW may have just signed the most important ex-WWE person in their history

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Tony Khan’s hired a lot of people who used to work for WWE over the years. A WWE source tells Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez that his most recent hiring of an ex-WWE employee “is the second best signing in the history of AEW next to Chris Jericho.”

Before you start Photoshopping Roman Reigns onto the “is All Elite” graphic, know that the person Alvarez’s source is referring to isn’t an on-camera talent. No, that quote (which is from the Filthy Four Daily podcast, where Alvarez also said, “When it was announced that he signed with AEW, the first people that started contacting me were from WWE, and they were like ‘Holy shit. Holy shit.”) is about Michael Mansury.

Mansury was Vice President of Global Television Production for WWE when he departed in 2020. He was essentially the lead director for many PPV events and TV episodes during his 11 years at the company. At the time of his departure, reports indicated Mansury wasa Triple H guy who many inside WWE thought he would eventually replace Kevin Dunn after Vince McMahon’s exit.

Instead, he left of his own accord two years. He served as an executive producer on The Pat McAfee Show for a time, then moved to Singapore to become MMA promotion ONE Championship’s Senior VP and Executive Producer of Global Production.

Now, he’s AEW’s new Senior VP and Co-Executive Producer. PWInsider first broke the news. The site couldn’t confirm what Mansury’s specific job responsibilities will be, but did report he starts his new job with this week’s episode of Dynamite.

Mansury and Renee Paquette seemed to confirm the news on Twitter, with the former Renee Young joining the chorus of folks who worked with Mansury at WWE who praised AEW’s move.

Will this turn out to be the grand slam (pun semi-intended) hire Renee and others think it is?

There’s no doubt improvements could be made in AEW’s television presentation. Without knowing his job description, it’s hard to say that Mansury will make any difference on issues like pacing, or anything having to do with the content of Dynamite or Rampage. But his producing & directing background should help with things like cutting away from the finish of matches.

On the other hand, if you ask WWE fans what their favorite thing about Raw or SmackDown is, you won’t find too many who shout out the direction. In fact, the way those shows are cut & edited are often on people’s list of least favorite things about them. Whether or not Mansury’s work in AEW is a pro or a con will probably depend on whether he’s a Dunn disciple, or someone who’s been itching to produce a wrestling show using his own playbook.

It’ll probably take us weeks or months to get an answer on that, but you can have an opinion on the Mansury hire — and the hype about it coming from folks like Alvarez & Paquette — in the comments below right not.

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