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Athena takes page from Eddie Kingston’s book, QT Marshall has mystery stalker

Every once in a while, Elevation and Dark will have stories worth keeping an eye on in case it plays out on AEW television. That is the case this week with a follow-up on a potential heel turn from Athena and Lee Johnson rejoining the Factory. Plus, QT Marshall has a mystery stalker.

Athena is digging to the dark side with more aggression. She’s even taking a page out of Eddie Kingston’s book for post-match attacks despite victory. Kingston had two tag team matches with Ortiz this week. They won both times, and Kingston continued his streak of unnecessary violence after the contest.

Kingston and Ortiz handled Joe Keys and Myles Hawkins on Elevation. Kingston stretched Hawkins and was slow to release the hold, then Kingston brought in a chair with threats of violence. Ortiz and referee Bryce Remsburg prevented the assault.

Despite Ortiz’s frustrations with Kingston’s shenanigans, the partnership remains intact. Kingston had some fun swiveling his hips like a Weeble Wobble to set up Ortiz gyrating with flavor.

Kingston and Ortiz scored another victory on Dark. After conquering the duo of AR Fox and Caleb Konley, Kingston went into business for a dragon sleeper on Fox. Kingston then threw chairs into the ring, much to the crowd’s delight.

When it was Athena’s turn, she acted with malice much the same as Kingston. The Fallen Goddess brought her mean streak to pummel Abby Jane on Elevation. After victory, Athena cranked back extra hard on a crossface submission. The fans began turning on her with boos. Athena soaked in the reaction then added insult to injury by slapping Jane upside the head.

Over on Dark, Athena had legit competition in Diamante. Athena emerged victorious in a rugged bout. On her way out, she kicked Diamante in the face for good measure.

It is interesting to see the fan reaction split when Kingston and Athena are sharing the same cheapshot tactics.

The Factory were in a positive mood after Lee Johnson turned heel to help his former coach pummel Danhausen. Johnson explained that it is time for Big Shotty to step out of the shadows to step up to the spotlight. Johnson is ready to make up for lost time.

Johnson helped the Factory back on track with winning ways in trios action. Johnson and QT did work to set up Cole Karter for an easy pin. The Factory was riding high when a mystery video played on the big screen.

I have no concrete ideas what two nails could represent for QT’s mystery stalker. Could Danhausen be bringing in a friend to get payback? Do the nails represent a coffin match with Darby Allin after Karter had a hand in the shocking reveal of Jeff Jarrett? This sounds like a mystery for Scooby-Doo and the gang.

What’s your take on these bits from AEW’s bonus shows?

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