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Jeff Jarrett will be a positive on screen for AEW

All Elite Wrestling

Jeff Jarrett will be a positive on screen for AEW.

That’s right. I said what I said, and I believe it.

If you missed the news last week, Jarrett arrived in AEW as the surprise friend of Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt. Jarrett landed a guitar shot heard around the world by shattering the instrument on Darby Allin’s head.

Instant reaction from numerous fans were shouts of anger at seeing a man with Jarrett’s checkered history infiltrate the ranks of AEW. It will take a Herculean effort to change that perception, but allow me the opportunity to turn that frown upside down.

I never was a big fan of Jarrett throughout his career. I’d generally had a reaction of indifference toward the man. However, Double J has won me over in the past five years primarily with his work in AAA. This is a man who has no shame in getting jeers. He routinely cut insulting promos on the Mexican fans and threw tortillas into the crowd as a taunting gesture. It was easy heat, but you know what? It worked. His actions built desire in seeing him get his ass kicked. Making you care is the toughest part of professional wrestling.

Evidence of this is fans erupting with jubilation when Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Jarrett in hair versus hair in 2018.

Jarrett has continued honing his scumbag ways for maximum value these days. His role in Ric Flair’s Last Match pushed all the right buttons as a foil for Flair.

The point is that Jarrett is great at making people hate his character. Embrace the anger in a positive way and cheer with glee when Jarrett inevitably gets hit in the head with his own guitar. For example, when I saw Jarrett hit Allin with the tool of his trade, I thought, “F-ck that guy,” with a smile on my face. Revenge from Allin is going to be sweet.

We also have to remind ourselves that AEW deserves credit for their past use of legends in the ring. Diamond Dallas Page and Tully Blanchard stepped between the ropes to turn back the hands of time in trios action. Both received positive reactions for their efforts. Heck, Shaquille O’Neal was outstanding. I still maintain that Shaq’s bout was a Match of the Year contender. Every Sting match has been a blast. Guess who will presumably be in the ring for the Jarrett feud? It’s Sting!

Have faith that Jarrett will end up being a positive on screen in AEW to create entertaining moments. I know I do, even if that does make me a slap nuts.

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