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Nick Jackson makes his first public appearance since All Out

The suspended(?) Young Buck was billed as being from All Elite Wrestling at an NBA game yesterday.

Farbod Esnaashari’s Twitter

Regardless of what you think of AEW’s investigation into the fight that occurred between CM Punk & The Elite after All Out, the results of it appear clear.

Punk is out, a little more than a year after his comeback was one of the biggest moments in company history — and a pretty magical moment for a lot of wrestling fans, including the one writing this. Kenny Omega and Matt & Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks will be back on television soon, probably without Tony Khan or his leadership team ever addressing what happened.

Here’s your latest sign that it will soon be business as usual for The Elite:

Southern California native and hoops fan Nick Jackson being at the Nov. 6 Los Angeles Clippers/Utah Jazz NBA game isn’t news. The younger Buck joining in on TV time out activities at LA’s Arena like the t-shirt toss by itself might not be a big deal either.

Being introduced on the mic and the jumbotron as representing All Elite Wrestling? That’s as big a sign as the vignettes that have been airing on Dynamite that Matt, Nick & Kenny will be back in AEW soon.

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