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Katsuyori Shibata loses his first match in AEW

Tonight’s (Nov. 4) live episode of AEW Rampage in Atlantic City, New Jersey, kicked off with an All Atlantic City Dream match between Orange Cassidy and Katsuyori Shibata. Cassidy’s AEW All-Atlantic championship was on the line. Oh, and boxing legend Mike Tyson was on commentary for the match, of course.

NJPW’s Shibata was one of the greatest wrestlers in the world over five years ago, but a devastating head injury in 2017 derailed his career. This was only his third time back in action since then. Would he win AEW gold in his first match for the promotion?

Shibata went for the PK early on but Cassidy smoothly avoided it:

Shibata is a bad man, but after Cassidy gave him the lazy kick treatment, he returned the favor with mind games of his own:

It was ultimately two Orange Punches that got the job done and put Shibata down for the three count.

The two babyfaces showed each other respect after the match, including Shibata striking a pose while wearing Cassidy’s sunglasses.

What did you think of Cassidy vs. Shibata, Cagesiders? Was it a surreal experience watching Shibata work a match while Mike Tyson was calling the action like an aficionado of NJPW?

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