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Jade Cargill knows for a fact the entire AEW women’s roster could have 5 star matches given the time

All Elite Wrestling

TBS champion Jade Cargill is a name that comes up a lot when fans are debating the AEW women’s division. She’s a charismatic performer who’s shown some strides in the ring but is still evidently new to the business. And even fans of That Bitch (her words, not mine) would admit that Tony Khan’s booking hasn’t done Cargill any favors, especially as she cycles through recurring rivalries with challengers like the even more limited Marina Shafir.

Well, a quote from Cargill’s recent interview with Steve Fall of The Ten Count will probably keep Jade’s name in the conversation about the women of AEW. Asked if she’d like to see her company put on an all-women’s event a la Impact Knockouts Knockdown, WWE Evolution or NWA EmPowerrr, the champ said:

“That would be great if we could. I know for a fact the women in the locker room — all of them could give five-star matches, we just need the time to do it, and the time to shine. I mean, we have a very talented roster of ladies. It’s just... we have one match a show, and we’re trying to do the best, and perform, and maximize the minutes that we’re given...

”The matchups, the faces that haven’t been on Dynamite and Rampage, or haven’t been there in many months — it would be a stellar show. I’m very certain of that. Especially with not having to worry about fighting for positions or anything like that, Just an all-women’s show, everybody has time.”

Fall points out that Cargill’s point about the women’s lack of time and only getting “one match a show” on AEW’s televised programs Dynamite & Rampage is also a frequent fan criticism. Jade side-steps that to avoid criticizing the guy signing her checks:

“You know, I’m new to the industry, so I’m going to step back and just watch how things are going. I can’t speak — I haven’t worked in other industries. We’re gonna keep on, again, maximizing the time we have, and just trying to kill it. and prove that we are worthy of more time.”

Cargill is wise to not go too hard on AEW’s presentation of their women’s roster. But you don’t have to hold back.

And while you’re at it, weigh in on the state of said of roster. Personally, I’d be surprised if everyone on it is capable of a five star match (however subjective a criterion that is). But it is a much improved group compared to a year or so ago. And I also don’t blame Jade for repping her team, or adding a little hyperbolic flourish to her interview answers.

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