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MJF debuts a custom AEW World title, ends his alliance with William Regal by sending him to the hospital

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is in demand. He couldn’t even make the first Dynamite after winning the AEW World title, as he was off filming a movie. While he was gone, the man who helped him become the champion at Full Gear, William Regal, told us we’d have to wait until MJF returned to get an explanation for why he turned on Jon Moxley.

We got it on the Nov. 30 edition of AEW’s flagship product. The “unholy union” between the two men started after Friedman’s feud with Mox began, and just like the heat between them started years ago, their alliance started with an email. Regal sent one to MJF after watching The Firm attack him. He told Max that if wanted to win the title, he’d have to grab the brass ring rather than the Dynamite Diamond one.

The brass ring was Regal’s signature brass knuckles, of course. And that was just one piece of advice MJF took from the old villain, who said he could help Friedman become The Villain of our time.

It’s not clear if a custom belt was Regal’s idea, but Maxwell debuted one to signify the start of his era. First, he threw the old one away. Then he unveiled the BBB — the Big Burberry Belt (it’s the old plates on a strap with MJF’s signature scarf pattern on it).

Friedman also promised to keep the belt until the bidding war of 2024, along with teasing WWE co-CEO Nick Khan and Chief Creative Officer Triple H as his next employers... if he doesn’t go to Hollywood.

While he spent a lot of time talking about how little he plans to defend the BBB during his reign, the segment did set up his next feud (after the title shot Ricky Starks has coming at “Winter is Coming” for winning the recent World Title Eliminator Tournament).

Among the potential challengers MJF mocked was Bryan Danielson, and Regal didn’t seem to like Max running down his protege. He definitely didn’t like it when the champ asked the Indianapolis crowd to show some respect for Regal... so he could clock him from behind.

The announcers were outraged, and played up Regal’s history of neck problems as officials checked on him. Danielson ran out along with the medical team to see Regal stretchered to the back (while spitting up “blood”, no less).

Remember when they were teasing an MJF face-ish turn? Those days are long gone now.

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