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Dax Harwood still has nothing but good things to say about CM Punk’s time in AEW

The FTR member also says Punk’s ‘detractors... get their news out more than he does.’

Dax Harwood’s Twitter

While they worked together at AEW*, Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler were among the members of Tony Khan’s roster who praised CM Punk for his contributions to the company on-screen and off. The three men bonded over their love of Bret Hart, and there were plans for Punk & FTR to work more together before Punk broke his foot shortly after Double or Nothing.

A LOT has happened since then. Punk is seemingly done at AEW after a whole lot of drama with The Elite & friends, and FTR & their fans haven’t been thrilled with how Dax & Cash have been booked this year. But you won’t hear Harwood badmouth, or even rein in his praise for, Punk.

In a recent interview with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Dax compared Punk to another friend of his in contractual limbo after a dispute with management, Mercedes “Sasha Bank” Varnado:

“CM Punk — God dang, again, the same thing as Sasha. A man who obviously has his detractors, and sometimes the detractors — and not just in AEW, around the wrestling world — and sometimes his detractors are louder than him, and get their news out more than he does. But again, it all comes from a place of passion.

“When he first came into the company, I remember talking to Cash, and I said, ‘If this motherfucker comes in and if he says something to me about how I dress, like dress code or whatever,’ I said, ‘We’re gonna had a problem.’ And he came in and he was the complete opposite. He had his door always open, invited people in, watched matches of the young wrestlers that asked him to, stuck around until the end of the show, and anybody who had questions, he would answer the questions. He loves wrestling — just like me, unabashedly is a professional wrestling fan.

“Just like Sasha, I talk to him everyday, and whatever he decides to do in his life, I hope it brings him happy and joy, because he deserves it.”

We’ve heard some of those things about Punk taking on a mentorship role before, but not since All Out. The other noteworthy parts of the quote are Harwood saying that he’s still in touch with Punk, and that the former AEW & WWE champ’s “detractors... get their news out more than he does.” That last bit goes to some of Punk’s complaints from the post-All Out media scrum, and feeds a narrative that a high-profile member of the wrestling media or two are getting their inside information about AEW from anti-Punk sources like The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho.

Will any of those folks get their dander up over Harwood’s comments? My guess is that he didn’t say anything to Sapp that the AEW locker room didn’t already know, so probably not. But it’s a never say never business, and you never know what might get someone heat backstage...

* Technically they still do, as reports indicate AEW and Punk are still negotiating what to do with the remainder of his contract.

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