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A week in the life of Jake Hager and his hat

Breaking news alert. Jake Hager likes this hat.

The purple bucket hat isn’t just a gimmick for television palling around with the Jericho Appreciation Society. Hager ventures out and about in real life situations wearing his beloved hat. Here’s the past few days of Hager spending quality time with his hat.

Hager and his hat went for a ride in his luxury automobile to gas up at the petrol station.

Hager and his hat picked up some frozen french fries at the grocery store.

Hager and his hat shared an intimate dining experience at home with a delivery pizza.

Hager and his hat style together and fly together. Even the people in the background are astounded by Hager’s hat. You know that gentleman is thinking, “I like that hat.”

One thing is clear from the photo montage. Hager likes this hat. Who can blame him? It is a nice hat. And it is making Hager a memorable presence on screen for the time being. Double win. Hager has shown he is a true sports entertainer.

That concludes this breaking news alert.

How far do you think Jake Hager can carry the hat gimmick on AEW television? Who do you like more, Hager or his hat?

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