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Ethan Page found an angle to break Matt Hardy’s spirit

Ethan Page is a crafty one. In an effort to curb Matt Hardy’s defiance to the Firm, Page may have finally found an angle to tame Hardy’s rebellious nature.

This week’s chapter of the saga played out across both Elevation and Dark. Page had a backstage powwow with Hardy Party. The trio was exiting the building, but Page booked them in a match. The Firm pays them to wrestle and win, so that they must do. Ari Daivari and Mark Sterling strolled in with beef about Hardy stealing $50,000 last week. Daivari demanded restitution. Since Page already spent that cash he collected as a fine to Hardy, he offered something of greater value. Page granted Daivari the right to use the Twist of Fate whenever he wanted. All parties were pleased with that arrangement, except for the Hardy Party.

Hardy Party went out and defeated Luther, Serpentico, and Isaiah Moore during Elevation. Hardy did not use the Twist of Fate. Instead, Hardy Party utilized teamwork offense to secure the victory. Hardy hit a crucifix bomb on Moore, Isiah Kassidy followed for a swanton, and Marq Quen finished with a 450 splash. After the match, Daivari came out in a huff flanked by Sterling. Despite the Twist of Fate arrangement with Page, Daivari was still angry at Hardy. Daivari retained the services of Tony Nese and Josh Woods for a trios match next week against Hardy Party.

Over on Dark, Hardy Party was in action against the Wingmen. Page sat on commentary with a live mic to shout coaching instruction when needed. As Hardy was setting up the Twist of Fate, Page ordered him not to use that maneuver. Peter Avalon took advantage of the distraction to shove Hardy into a DDT from Ryan Nemeth. Hardy kicked out and continued the match.

Hardy regained control and decided to use the Ego’s Edge for victory. Page lost his cool and demanded a backstage meeting to discuss Hardy’s blatant disrespect. Cameras caught up to catch that scene. Hardy claimed that he was inspired by Page to execute the Fall of Fate. Page questioned why Hardy acts defiantly every step of the way towards his bosses in the Firm. Hardy will never break at the hands of Page. All Ego realized it was a lost cause to focus on breaking Hardy directly, so he changed tactics to push punishment on Private Party. If Hardy continues to defy the Firm, then Private Party will pay the price. Hardy felt guilty and threatened Page not to trifle with his pals.

That is an interesting wrinkle on Page’s quest to break Hardy. He found an angle to manipulate Hardy’s soft spot for Private Party. We’ll have to see how far Page takes his abuse on Hardy and the subsequent reaction.

What should the name be for Matt Hardy’s character when he’s all business?

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