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The Elite discuss their plan for dealing with the hostile Chicago fans

Episode 324 of Being The Elite is available to watch right now on YouTube.

The episode covers Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks’ trios match against Death Triangle from AEW Dynamite last Wednesday night in Chicago. The match was heavily talked about in the following days due to the way Omega and the Bucks trolled CM Punk during it.

How many of their troll spots were planned in advance? Well we don’t get the answer to that question on BTE, but we do get a snippet of Matt and Nick Jackson going over with Kenny (seconds before their entrance) how they should respond to the vocal Chicago audience. More specifically, should they cheat during the match?

Nick: “I think so. I think we’re gonna have to ‘cause I’m not prepared.”

Kenny: “Yeah I feel the hostility of the crowd all around me.”

Nick: “Mentally I’m not prepared so we might have to cheat.”

Matt: “If the crowd is mean to us, I’m cheating. Just heads up, FYI.”

Kenny: “You guys don’t respect me then I’m not gonna respect you too. That’s the way I feel about it.”

Nick: “So if they’re being disrespectful we cheat tonight?”

Kenny: “Yep.”

Nick: “Gotcha.”

The edited video footage of the match then features heavy booing during their entrance, as well as the “Fuck The Elite” and “Fuck CM Punk” chants from the boisterous Chicago wrestling fans during the fight.

Later in BTE, we see the Bucks eating Thanksgiving breakfast and going over what they are thankful for:

Matt: “Happy Thanksgiving everybody. I’m thankful for you the fans. The true ones, not the trolls, not the haters. Not the ones that are chanting ‘F The Elite.’ The ones that really like us. That’s my mom and dad.”

Nick: “Yeah, that’s about 100 of you [laughs].”

Do you think this episode of BTE closes the book on the story of Omega and the Young Bucks trolling CM Punk in Chicago, Cagesiders?

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