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Colt Cabana learned an important lesson from his AEW return match

And it had nothing to do with CM Punk or The Elite.

Colt Cabana’s match against Chris Jericho for Ring of Honor World championship on the Nov. 2 episode of Dynamite has already made plenty of headlines. It was his first match in an AEW ring since March, and his return was interpreted by a lot of peopleincluding, allegedly, CM Punk — as a sign Tony Khan was siding with The Elite in their behind-the-scenes battles with Punk.

But that’s not the shocking tale Cabana told about the match on his The Art of Wrestling podcast. Instead, Colt talked about how he almost died because he changed up his gear:

“A couple of weeks ago, I wrestled Chris Jericho. And I wanted to share the story of how I almost died wrestling Chris Jericho. Not a lot of people know this story, some of the people in the back know this story. The doctors know this story. I’m not telling this story to make an excuse; nobody would have even known. Everyone complimented me on my match and I’m appreciative for that. But this is just a fun story and in 20 years I will laugh about it. In the moment, I did not laugh… I guess a couple weeks afterward I can laugh about it.”

Anxious about his first televised match in months, Cabana couldn’t find his usual wrestling socks. So he ran to the store before Dynamite and bought a pair... of compression socks. Compression socks are often prescribed for people who have poor circulation in their lower legs and feet, or for people who have to stand for long periods of time like bedside nurses. Colt is neither of those things, so...

“I wrestled Chris Jericho. Now of course that match, there was many emotions, there was a lot of tension going into it. My anxiety was high, tensions were high, the building was hot. So as I go to wrestle Jericho, I put on my compression socks, my kneepads, and my boots. And what I don’t realize is that I have essentially made a tourniquet in the bottom half of my body…

“Essentially what I did was restrict everything. I remember vividly thinking, ‘I can’t feel my legs. I guess it’s just the nerves.’ But it was nerves, it was the anxiety. But it was also the compression socks. And by the time I did the moonsault to the outside and had to run into the ring to give Jericho a flying asshole I had nothing left in my body. And I attributed it to the night of wrestling. But no, it was because I cut off the supply of blood to my own legs, causing high blood pressure and low, low oxygen. I knew I was on live TV and it was big moment for me, I figured a way to do it to Jericho knowing the match would come to an end very quickly.”

It led to a scary scene backstage:

“I could not move. And as I made my way back to the trainer’s room asking for electrolytes and the trainer being like, ‘We’re not sure what’s going on.’ And me just saying, ‘I gotta get this stuff off of me, I feel so compacted.’ And I ripped my singlet off and it still didn’t feel like enough. And I couldn’t breathe, I felt lightheaded, and I had a headache and my head was pounding.

“And then I’m just, ‘Can you take my boots off?’ And I felt like such a schmuck asking a grown man to take my boots off… he rips my boots off, and then I’m like, ‘Can you take my kneepads, I just feel so constricted.’ And he takes my kneepads off, and then, ‘Can you get my socks off?’ And I say, ‘You know, I bought these compression socks last night.’

“And then the eyes of the trainers are just like, ‘What?’ As I was asked to lay back for the next two hours while ice was put all over my body, I was educated as to why you should not professionally wrestle in front of 10,000 people and almost a million people at home in compression socks.”

So take it from Boom-Boom, kids and campers. Don’t share a bank account with your mother wrestle in compression socks.

H/T 411mania for podcast transcription

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