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10 turns his back on Brodie Lee Jr. and the Dark Order

RUSH has been trying to convince Preston Vance (10) to turn his back on the Dark Order for quite some time. His efforts proved to be successful on this afternoon’s (Nov. 25) Black Friday edition of AEW Rampage when 10 turned heel and shed his Dark Order mask.

The main event of this episode was a trios match featuring The Blade, RUSH, and The Butcher against Dark Order members John Silver, Alex Reynolds, and 10. However, 10 was nowhere to be seen for most of the match.

Dark Order members Evil Uno and Brodie Lee Jr. eventually appeared on stage waving 10 on down to the ring. 10 got in the ring, stared at RUSH, and then immediately betrayed Silver.

RUSH pinned Silver, but that was just the beginning. A vicious post-match assault saw 10 unleash multiple discus lariats on Alex Reynolds and Evil Uno. There was also a double chokeslam through a table on Reynolds, while Uno’s mask was torn apart.

With the Dark Order destroyed and laying in shambles, 10 walked up to Brodie Lee Jr. on the stage, took off his own mask, and threw it down at the kid’s feet.

Brodie Lee Jr. was dejected and heartbroken as the heels all celebrated around him.

What did you think of Preston Vance turning heel and joining the LFI, Cagesiders?

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