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Mark Henry had the best reaction to Jericho & Ishii’s bloody war

Reactions to the main event of this week’s Dynamite have almost universally been positive. If you’re a fan of Chris Jericho, Tomohiro Ishii, Strong Style, and/or veterans who wrestle like they have something to prove, it’s definitely worth a watch. Or a rewatch.

The AEW Japan team sought out Jericho and a few members of the company’s roster to get their instant reactions to the Nov. 23 match in Chicago.

Mark Henry’s wasn’t asked, but he had some thoughts he just had to share after watching the Stone Pitbull chop the Ring of Honor World champ’s chest until it bled. The WWE Hall of Famer quote-tweeted Bryan Danielson’s thoughts with a must see video of his own:

“That match was insane. I don’t ever want to be hit like that. And if I do, I’m calling the police. Very entertaining, hard to take my eyes off, but very, very, very crazy. Damn. Blood everywhere.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Mizark.

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