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Bryan Danielson convinces Jon Moxley not to kill William Regal... at least not yet

Full Gear ended with fans asking, “Why, William Regal, why?” after he betrayed Jon Moxley to help Maxwell Jacob Friedman become AEW World champion.

We didn’t have to wait long to hear from William Regal on the Nov. 23 Dynamite. But, he didn’t say much of anything. He told the raucous Chicago crowd that MJF was off shooting a major motion picture, and revealed he sent an email to young Maxwell a few weeks back. We’ll have to wait until Friedman is on next Wednesday’s show to find out what it said though.

That didn’t work for the fans, and it definitely didn’t work for Mox. The now-former champ strutted to the ring to confront his mentor — but his Blackpool Combat Club teammate Bryan Danielson was there to get between them.

Moxley didn’t listen to Danielson’s argument that attacking Regal after his well-documented health struggles could kill the old villain. But he did seem to when Bryan talked about how Regal taught him to love his dad despite his “struggles”, how he loved him for it, and asked if Mox would hurt someone who taught his daughter how to love him despite his “struggles” (it wasn’t stated, but the “struggles” being referenced are addiction & alcoholism).

That worked, at least enough to keep Mox from tearing Regal apart right now. He told his Lordship he only needed one thing from him — to run, as far away as he could. Regal exited, for now.

We still didn’t get any answers, but what started as a heelish troll to cover for MJF’s absence turned into legitimately compelling drama. Now we’ll see what happens to Regal, and to Blackpool Combat Club, when/if he returns.

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