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Penta El Zero M had a big night on Monday Night Football

All Pro Tight End George Kittle is one of us.

The San Francisco 49er isn’t just one of those celebrity wrestling fans who talks about how he loved the nWo as a kid or occasionally rocks a retro Undertaker t-shirt, either. Kittle clearly follows the current product, as evidenced by the fact he’s been repping AEW & AAA’s Penta El Zero M going back to when most of us still thought of the luchador enmascarado as Lucha Underground’s Pentagon, Jr.

So with the Niners in Mexico City to play the Arizona Cardinals on Nov. 21, you know who had to get some seats by the field to show some love back to #85. A guy with Cero Miedo, that’s who.

And he brought a custom 49ers version of his mask to give to Kittle!

Then, in a real “worlds colliding” moment for fans of wrestling and sports with unscripted outcomes, Penta got a chyron and had his name dropped by legendary play-by-play announcer Joe Buck on ESPN’s broadcast.

Kittle wasn’t done, either. He showed up to the press conference in not only his new mask, but wearing some sweet Penta merch — probably from his private collection.

So next time you experience a level of fear greater than zero about telling folks you’re an adult wrestling fan, remember the Penta/Kittle bromance and proclaim your love for our shared pastime with...


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