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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Nov. 2, 2022): Four title matches

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight at 8 pm ET on TBS.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we’re looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This week’s episode comes our way from Chesapeake Arena in Baltimore. An unannounced former Ring of Honor champion will challenge Chris Jericho for the ROH World title, and Samoa Joe defends the ROH Television championship against Brian Cage. Orange Cassidy puts the All Atlantic belt on the line in another Triple Threat, this one against Luchasaurus & Rey Fenix. TBS champ Jade Cargill looks to keep her undefeated streak alive against Marina Shafir, Lee Moriarty tries to earn an AEW World title shot by beating Jon Moxley in an Eliminator match, Darby Allin battles Jay Lethal, The Acclaimed throw Daddy Ass a birthday bash, Renee Paquette sits down with Saraya & Dr. Britt Baker, and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TBS. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


We had such promise until we broke our promises. Why can’t it be the year two thousand? I want to live in the year two thousand, when I was dumb enough to truly believe, but instead I’ll hang out here and liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

Commentary hypes the show up and we get right into it!

Darby Allin vs. Jay Lethal

Allin hot out the gates, bell rings, crossbody to the floor and he throws Lethal into the barricade as Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh come to ringside to check on their boy. Darby off the ropes, stopping short when he sees Singh in his way and Jay gets a cheap right hand in!

Figure four leglock on the floor, stomp to the knee on the apron, Lethal follows it with a German suplex to the floor and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Lethal still in control but Allin rakes his eyes on a back suplex and hits a springboard shoulder block! Jay with an inverted facelock, flipping it into a facebuster, Darby comes back with a bodyscissors sleeper but Lethal gets to his feet!

Allin hanging in there, Jay breaks freel and takes a breather, Darby takes the risk this time and dives on Satnam but just bounces off! Referee Bryce Remsburg ejects Singh and Dutt! A man dressed as Sting throws Allin in the ring...

Jay Lethal wins by pinfall with the Lethal Injection.

Post-match, “Sting” gets in the ring and Dutt, Lethal, and Singh hug him, and he takes his mask off to reveal Cole Karter.

Sting’s music plays, but Sting isn’t there! JEFF JARRETT IS IN THE RING! HE GIVES ALLIN THE OL’ EL KABONG!

Double J gets on the mic and tells Darby he just got a lesson from the Last Outlaw, and whatever he worships becomes his weakness. Allin’s blood pools at the back of his skull as Jeff says Sting has become Darby’s greatest weakness. He calls out the locker room and every bozo and clown all the way up to production and down to the rabid, delusional AEW fanbase.

Jarrett says his family got into the wrestling business in 1946, and for over 75 years, wherever the Jarretts went, they left an impact. (Get it?!) He’s a two-time Hall of Famer, a 12-time heavyweight champion, and from day one, his fingerprints have been all over AEW.

But before he’s done with this place, there’s gonna be bodybags, and we can all choke on that, slapnuts.

We get a recap of the split between Maxwell Jacob Friedman and the Firm from last week.

Jon Moxley cuts a promo, talking about how much he loves the atmosphere in Baltimore and this is just another night for him, but it’s a career-changer for Lee Moriarty, and all he has to do is rely on his talents and skills, of which there are many. Lee feels snubbed by Blackpool Combat Club, but he wasn’t snubbed, and Jon likes him quite a lot, but he’s just not mean or nasty enough for the BCC.

But tonight he’s gonna give Moriarty a lesson in pain and perseverance and show him how to dig deep, and if he’s got any armor-plated armor or angst or revenge deep inside, now is the time to bring it to the surface, because he ain’t got time for anything else.

Commentary throws to break but we get a seeming production error showing the Elite winning the trios titles. We see a video tech replace their win with Death Triangle’s in a video package and we go to break.

Jon Moxley vs. Lee Moriarty

“All Ego” Ethan Page is on commentary for this one.

Moriarty with a cravate early, trading leg kicks, Moxley traps him in the corner, grinding his forearm into Lee’s face and following it with mounted punches and biting the forehead! Half-halch suplex, cover for two, whip across, charging, Moriarty sidesteps him into the post, arm wringer, hammerlock DDT sends us to break!

Back from commercial, jockeying for position on a suplex and Moxley hits the Crash Landing! Moriarty with a springboard crossbody, bridging half-halch suplex... NOPE! Swinging around into mounted punches, knucklelock stomps to the jaw but Jon gets to his knees! A lariat takes Lee out, Mox grabbing his hands for stomps of his own!

Underhooks, block it, Moriarty with an inverted stomp armbreaker but Moxley comes right back with a counter Ace Crusher... STILL NO! Jon asking for it, Lee hammering him with hard forearms to the jaw, palm strikes, duck a lariat, elbows, jumping knee sets up a back suplex but Mox has one of his own for him in return!

Headlock takeover into a cross armbar, Moriarty keeps his hands clasped and gets the Border City Stretch! Shifting, raining elbows down on the champ’s neck, back to the Border City Stretch but Jon counters with a pin! Overhead elbows from Mox, falling back into the cross armbar... IT’S OVER!

Jon Moxley wins by submission with a cross armbar.

Post-match, Page hits the ring and lays Moxley out with the Tan Sheamus!

We get an interview filmed Renee Paquette filmed earlier with Saraya.

She talks about wanting to come to AEW ever since it started and it was just a matter of working the timing out and she thinks she can help the women’s division out. Renee addresses her injury and retirement, but Saraya wants to save it for next week because there’s one more doctor she wants to consult before making an announcement.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we see a local football man in the front row.

William Regal is interviewed backstage.

He says Maxwell Jacob Friedman showed him he’s got a long way to go to be a true villain, and at Full Gear, all the potential in the world won’t win him the AEW World Championship when he has to face a real demon in Jon Moxley.

The Acclaimed make their entrance and Max Caster raps about how it’s Billy Gunn’s birthday, so happy birthday, Daddy Ass.

Anthony Bowens gets on the mic and says that unfortunately Gunn has been injured and can’t scissor, but they can’t have a Daddy Ass Birthday Bash without scissoring, which is why they’re starting hot with gift #1, foam scissor fingers, so when a snake like Swerve Strickland breaks your hands, you can still scissor.

Everyone loves the Acclaimed, and everyone loves Daddy Ass, so who brought gifts? They ask the crowd to throw up scissors and signs and Max goes to the floor to see who has a gift, collecting a big pair of foil scissors from a young fan and then scissoring them.

They present Billy the scissors and wish him a happy birthday, but we’re not done! Gunn’s been in the business over thirty years and accomplished a lot, he’s an 11-time tag team champion, a 2-time tag team of the year, and 2006 worst-worked segment of all time, a reverse battle royal or something.

But most importantly he’s a hall of famer and a stand-up guy, and the world’s greatest daddy, for which they present him a trophy. Bowens says he had a lot more planned, special guests from Gunn’s past, but two canceled at the last minute and the others were upset he didn’t go to their reunion, but most importantly, he’s been a mentor and a father figure to them, and he’s meant the world, so their final gift is a certificate of adoption.

He and Caster both signed it, and all they need is a signature from Billy and they’re officially legally a family. Gunn is stoked to be their daddy and looks to sign it—

Enter the Ass Boys.

They ask if their invitation got lost in the mail and say they should have been invited because they’re his sons, but Billy just pats the Acclaimed on the shoulders like “these are my sons.” The Gunns say they brought him a gift, and W. Morrissey lays Billy Gunn out with a boot!

The Ass Boys join W. in putting boots to Daddy Ass and his adopted sons, but FTR make the save!

Team DMD are interviewed backstage and they demand a tag team to wrestle on Friday.

Jericho Appreciation Society make their entrance.

Chris Jericho says he had a sour taste in his mouth for the way his title defense against Claudio Castagnoli went, so he’s challenging any former ROH Champion, of any title.

Enter Colt Cabana!

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Colt Cabana (ROH World Championship)

Code of Honor adhered to, Cabana backs Jericho into the corner and a shoving match breaks out! Punches in the corner, side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, drop down and Colt punts him in the shoulder! Whip reversed, up and over, back roll into a sunset flip, only two!

Chops in the ropes, clotheslines, right hands, whip across and Chris bails to the floor for a breather! Cabana slides to the floor after him, trading chops, back inside, up in the turnbuckles, looking for Chicago Skyline but both men crash off the top and to the floor to send us to break!

Back from commercial, trading forearms, off the ropes, Flying Asshole takes the champion out! Chops, whip reversed, big forearm, diving splash... NOPE! Cabana up top, Jericho crotches him, electric chair, Colt with right hands, victory roll... STILL NO! Flip, Flop, & Fly countered with an eye poke but Cabana ducks the Judas Effect... BILLY GOAT’S CURSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!

Y2J reverses, off the ropes, Colt with the Superman but Jake Hager pulls him off the pin! ASAI MOONSAULT TAKES HAGER AND DANIEL GARCIA OUT! Off the ropes, Jericho catches him with a Codebreaker...

Chris Jericho wins by pinfall with a Codebreaker to retain the ROH World Championship.

Post-match, JAS pulls Ian Riccaboni off the commentary desk and Jericho takes his glasses!


Backstage, Renee Paquette interviews Death Triangle.

PAC says if Rey Fenix wants real revenge for them, he should use a hammer tonight. Just something to think about.

And so we go to break.

Luchasaurus vs. Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Rey Fenix (AEW All-Atlantic Championship)

Luchasaurus using his size early, Fenix counters with speed and staggers him with a superkick! Cassidy gets one too, and stereo dropkicks send the dinosaur to the floor! Lazy kicks, into the ropes, duck a crescent kick, big arm drag from the champion! Boot up in the corner, duck under, springboard into a kick, off the ropes, duck a lariat, springboard arm drag!

Double stomp misses, satellite DDT from Orange, pin reversed into a crucifix pin and we get a stalemate! Hands up, Luchasaurus returns to the ring, off the ropes and he takes both men out with a shoulder block! Off the ropes, double lariat, and the dinosaur man stands tall as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Luchasaurus is on a tear but Cassidy counters with a Stundog Millionaire! Springboard solebutt sets up the Orange Punch and the dino man falls to the floor! Stereo topes on Luchasaurus, he catches Orange and throws him into the steel steps! CHOKESLAM PUTS FENIX THROUGH THE TIMEKEEPER’S TABLE!

Pump kick sends Cassidy flying up the ramp and to the stage, block a punch, clock him with a headbutt, ready to chokeslam him into the pyro grates but Jungle Boy makes the save with a chair! Running Christian Cage off... CROSSBODY OFF THE STAGE PUTS LUCHASAURUS THROUGH A TABLE!

PAC comes down with the timekeeper’s hammer and throws Orange in the ring, giving the hammer to Fenix but Rey throws the hammer away! Inside, victory roll, reversed, superkick staggers the champion! Rolling thunder countered...

Orange Cassidy wins by pinfall with an Orange Punch on Rey Fenix to retain the AEW All-Atlantic Championship, earning a dream match title defense of his choice in Atlantic City.

Post-match, the Bastard lights on Cassidy and stomps a mudhole in him!


Backstage, Tony Schiavone is hanging out with Rick Ross and Shane “Swerve” Strickland. Ross says he’s here for only one reason, to make sure Strickland is the biggest wrestler in the game and the biggest recording artist around.

Keith Lee rolls up and shakes hands with Rick and Shane sets up an atomicos match teaming with Gunn Club against the Acclaimed and FTR, and Lee reluctantly goes along with it.

Jade Cargill (c) vs. Marina Shafir (AEW TBS Championship)

Before they can lock up, Vickie Guerrero comes screaming down the stage with the real AEW TBS Champion, Nyla Rose, who you can tell is the real champion because she has the title around her waist.

Nyla provides live commentary over a PA mic as Cargill puts boots to Shafir. Brawling on the floor, Jade rolls Marina back in the ring and goes to the stage to confront Rose, but she just barely beats the ten count when Nyla points it out! Kneebar blocked, pump kick connects!


Jade Cargill wins by pinfall with Jaded to retain the AEW TBS Championship and yet she still doesn’t have a title belt, curious

I know who *MY* TBS Champion is, just saying.

Post-match, Nyla books it and leaves Kiera Hogan laying.

Commentary hypes up our main event.

We get a House of Black vignette that seems to present Julia Hart as in mourning and Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews dead and buried and an unfamiliar voice speaks about death and rebirth.

Malakai cuts him to ask forgiveness from the Black Father and we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up our next week or so of cards, as well as Full Gear.

Brian Cage vs. Samoa Joe (c) (ROH World Television Championship)

Circling, Joe with a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block but Cage is unmoved! Off the ropes, another shoulder block gets nowhere, Brian starts throwing forearms! Whip across, duck a lariat, this time the shoulder takes the challenger off his feet! Enzuigiri and an elbow drop but Cage won’t stay down!

Brian throwing forearms and stomps, choking Samoa in the ropes and following it up with kicks to the midsection, whip across, big lariat takes Joe off his feet! Boots, whip to the corner, laying the champ out again as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Cage takes Joe out with a tope con giro! Back inside, Brian flexes, Joe powers up with a Manhattan Drop, a boot, and a senton for two! Whip to the corner, snap scoop powerslam... NOPE! Reversal, knee lift, Samoa in the ropes... TIGER FEINT KICK! Cage up top, turning elbow drop... STILL NO!

Pumphandle facebuster... JOE WON’T STAY DOWN! Discus lariat countered into a back suplex, discus lariat connects, no good! Fireman’s carry, Joe slips out, Coquina Clutch, falling back in the middle of the ring! It’s over!

Samoa Joe wins by submission with the Coquina Clutch, retaining the ROH World Television Championship.


Powerhouse holds the TNT Championship high.

That’s the show, folks.

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