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Brian Cage delivered the best promo of his AEW career

Ethan Page already punched his ticket to the world title eliminator tournament final. Brian Cage was waiting for his semifinal opponent, and he’s pleased with how it played out when Ricky Starks defeated Lance Archer on Rampage to advance. Cage versus Starks is official for the Full Gear pre-show on Saturday night (Nov. 19).

The former Team Taz friends will clash once again to renew their rivalry. Starks holds a 2-0 advantage in singles meetings within AEW. The first victory earned Starks the FTW Championship, and the second success came in a street fight.

The opponents cut a pair of promos to hype the contest. First up was Starkman Jones. He aims to claim the AEW World Championship. And that’s the absolute truth.

Cage had a turn on the mic, and he delivered the best promo of his AEW career. It was short but sweet. Cage was filled with rage, pulled his shirt off to show his body, and also dug the groove of a snappy song.

Brian Cage: You see, it didn’t matter if it was Lance (Archer) or Ricky (Starks). But, since it is Ricky, that’s perfect. There’s nobody, there’s nobody I despise more in this company than Ricky. There’s nobody that I don’t want to maim more than Ricky.

And see, Ricky, you want to go out there and you want to cry about people comparing you to DJ (The Rock) because you wear fancy clothes? Well, you’re lucky you wear some fancy clothes, because that’s the only way you get noticed around here.

You take a look at me, and I have the exact opposite problem. People say if they looked like me, they wouldn’t wear any clothes. (Frantically removes shirt.) I’m what a real wrestler looks like Ricky. That’s right. I’m not some primadonna, snake, back stabbing son of a bitch. And tomorrow, the Machine is going to terminate you.

Well, I’ll be darned. I think Cage just stumbled on the right attitude to get over with the masses. Playing off Prince Nana just might be the golden ticket. If he cuts promos like that on AEW television, fans will quickly take notice asking for more. It’s serious, angry, funny, and sells the hell out of the fight.

After that fantastic promo, I want to see Cage eating shrimp cocktail all night long. Who’s with me?

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