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Athena goes full heel with attack on referee Aubrey Edwards

Athena has been showing extra aggression and intensity in her matches lately, indicating a heel turn was on the way. That turn was completed on tonight’s (Nov. 18) episode of Rampage when she snapped and attacked referee Aubrey Edwards.

The angle happened after Athena defeated Madison Rayne in a singles match. Athena continued beating up Rayne after the match, so Edwards tried to intervene. It didn’t end well for her.

With the referee down on the mat in pain, ROH Women’s World Champion Mercedes Martinez returned to AEW to chase Athena away.

Tony Khan just recently mentioned that Mercedes has been medically cleared to compete, and it didn’t take long at all to get her back in the kayfabe mix.

Do you think this story will end with Athena taking the ROH women’s world championship from Mercedes? Let us know in the comments below how you see this one playing out, Cagesiders.

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