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That totally was Chris Jericho on The Masked Singer!

We did it wrestling fans, and other people with ears who’ve heard the reigning Ring of Honor World champion sing before!

After “The Bride” (who in addition to wearing a gorgeous wedding ensemble was also a pink dinosaur) performed on the Nov. 9 episode, folks who watch FOX’s hit show The Masked Singer and pro wrestling guessed it was Chris Jericho. After they shared some clips online, wrestle watchers all over the web guessed it was Chris Jericho.

Now we know, because despite getting a lot of praise from the judges, The Masked Singer faithful did not vote for The Bride to move on in the competition. That despite giving them a song that was right in their classic rock/heavy metal lead vocalist wheelhouse, Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”.

Alas, the public preferred “The Avocado” (later revealed to be comedian & radio/podcast host Adam Carolla). So The Bride had to open her neck to reveal... you guessed it, Frank Stallone Chris Jericho!

At least Ken Jeong was on hand to give Jericho his flowers after he got the boot.

The many-nicknamed one does sound disappointed in his exit interview. And we’ll confess to being a little bummed too. Not only will we not be able to do weeks of “The Bride, who is totally Chris Jericho, advances on The Masked Singer” posts, we won’t get to see the sweet choreography he was going to lead while wearing a pink dinosaur costume.

Oh well. At least we were right. And you know how much wrestling fans love being right.

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