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Dynamite’s main event put the final touches on MJF’s World title push

On Nov. 16, for the final segment of the last Dynamite before Full Gear, AEW took the somewhat unusual (for them, anyway) step of booking a talking segment. It made sense, as this one was between between the men who will main event the PPV on Saturday night —World champion Jon Moxley and his next challenger, Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

The champ was out first, and he continued the theme of this feud, putting over his credentials as a fighter who might have a screw loose, and questioning who exactly MJF is. Mox said Friedman won’t be challenging him on Nov. 19, he was challenging Max to a fight.

That brought out... Stokely Hathaway. MJF’s ex-friend and the leader of his former stable on retainer The Firm led his squad to the ring for an attack on Moxley. Friedman fired the group for attacking the champ before, and this one brought MJF out to singlehandedly dispatch W. Morrissey, Ethan Page & Lee Moriarty.

Max then cut a fiery promo about how different he is now than the last time he and Mox fought over AEW’s top prize. He needs the belt more than he needs food, water or air, because it will prove he’s the best wrestler in the world, and it’s his time. Last week, Moxley laughed off Friedman calling himself the devil, but MJF reminded us about the greatest trick the devil ever pulled. He tried to go into his closing catchphrase, but the champ cut him, promising we’ll find out whether Max has the guts to do what it takes to be the man... and Mox is ready to drag them out of his young opponent if need be.

We closed with the two combatants staring each other down while Mox’s Blackpool Combat Club mentor William Regal — who very well may be the x-factor on Saturday night — loomed over their face-off.

The segment was designed to fire us up for what should be MJF’s coronation on Saturday night in New Jersey. Moxley seemed a little off throughout, flubbing a couple lines, but hey — he’s about two-and-a-half months overdue for a vacation.

How did the final push to Full Gear’s main event work for you?

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