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MJF makes his case as the man to lead AEW ‘out of the darkness’

Maxwell Jacob Friedman also says he’ll bring much needed stability to the World title after the drama that’s surrounded it for the last six months.

Paul Smith Photography via MJF’s Instagram

After everything that’s happened this year, AEW finds itself headed into its Full Gear PPV this weekend in need of a few things. Among them, to replace the star power they’ve lost with CM Punk reportedly on his way out of the company, and to have the focus coming out of Sat., Nov. 19’s show be on the product as opposed to backstage drama.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman says he can be a big part of the answer to both.

You won’t find many that would argue he doesn’t have the potential to be a huge star, with the recent news he’s been cast opposite Zac Efron in the Von Erich’s biopic The Iron Claw as evidence. But after his contract dispute with Tony Khan was the backstage drama that overshadowed May’s Double or Nothing, it’s somewhat ironic to see him as the person who’ll get AEW back to business as usual.

But that’s what MJF tells the New York Post’s Joseph Staszewski he’ll do once he beats Jon Moxley for the World title this weekend in Newark, New Jersey:

“I think what I bring is not just an absurd amount of awareness in platforms that we have not touched yet, what I also bring is stability. Let’s face it, this world title, it’s crowned the greatest pro wrestlers in the world and the sport today, but it’s also been jumbled a little bit recently.

“I feel now more than ever what AEW wrestling fans crave is stability. I am that. I’ve been that since Day 1. When my music hits, the reason the place goes absolutely insane is because they’re fully aware they’re about to get the perfect segment because that’s what I do every time I walk through that curtain whether you love me or hate me. I deliver.”

Friedman’s best work has come when he’s blending in real history and events into his on-screen stories. This run to the World title’s been no different. MJF’s continued to reference the post-All Out crises while promoting Full Gear online:

It’s a pretty good pitch. The only other person who makes sense as the face of AEW right now is Mox, and the man is overdue for a break after again putting the company on his back when it found itself in a tough spot, just like he did during the pandemic. We’ve also probably reached the limits of Moxley’s ability to represent the brand to the mainstream, non-wrestling world. Friedman, on the other hand, is just scratching the surface of his crossover appeal.

Are you buying what Max is selling? Is there anyone better suited to being AEW’s ace right now?

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