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Adam Cole to reunite with some old WWE friends this weekend

When the pandemic made it so they no longer had to travel for work, four friends starting playing a card game on a popular stream on of them just so happened to run. These weekly sessions proved to be so popular their fans gave the quartet a nickname tuned in every Wednesday for trash talk, bad jokes, and bonehead plays.

Sadly, one of the group left to go work for a competitor in the fall of 2021, and the group disbanded — at least from playing publicly online.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re talking about DaParty — the Uno-playing that consisted of Austin Creed/Xavier Woods, Matt “Tyler Breeze” Clement, Claudio Castagnoli & Adam Cole. They’ve been teasing a reunion for weeks, and kicked off the week with an announcement they’ll be getting the band back together on Sunday (Nov. 20) on Twitch. The cheeky bastards won’t confirm they’ll be entertaining us and ruining each others nights by throwing Skips, Reverses & Draws in a pile, but they’re not denying it either.

No word yet on how Creed got permission to play with two AEW contracted wrestlers (Breezus has been back on his old roommate’s UpUpDownDown YouTube channel for a while now), but we’ll just assume it’s the new WWE regime’s loosening of rules. We’re not gonna worry too much about it.

DaParty is back!

Now if we could just get some good news on Cole’s health — he’s been sidelined since June with a concussion — we could really get DaParty started...

(We think Swiss would approve of that joke.)

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