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Why Bandido reportedly chose AEW over WWE

All Elite Wrestling

After a few weeks of reports, walked back reports, and new reports, former Ring of Honor World champion Bandido is officially All Elite.

WWE was said to be interested in signing the 27 year old luchador enmascarado themselves. One reason it was believed Bandido didn’t immediately sign with Tony Khan after his well received Sept. 28 AEW debut was because he was weighing an offer from Triple H & team.

So why did Bandido pick AEW? According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was because signing with WWE would mean relocating to Florida to start with NXT. That would mean moving away from a partner in Mexico and the child they have together, because his significant other isn’t interested in moving to the U.S. Knowing that the main roster call-up he’d be working toward would mean even more time away from his family, Bandido chose AEW, who’s schedule will allow him to remain in Mexico and see his child more often.

Dave Meltzer also provided some details on the deal Bandido signed:

“We can confirm the deal is for three years and has a maximum number of dates on it (we don’t have the number but it is more matches than most AEW wrestlers work in a year now, so that shouldn’t be an issue, but that could change if they do house shows).”

He started his full-time career with a win in the World Title Eliminator Tournament last night (Nov. 11) on Rampage. We’ll see what the rest of his AEW career holds, but given the reasons why he chose to sign with them, no one can say he made the wrong decision.

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