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TIL you can say ‘d***riding’ on television

On Dynamite last night (Nov. 9), AEW gave us three segments building up Full Gear’s main event.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is off filming The Iron Claw, but he stopped by Barstool HQ to talk to Big Cat on Pardon My Take. Asked how he’s feeling after his stable on retainer The Firm turned on him, he explained his absence as being on doctor’s orders after Stokely Hathaway’s crew attacked him. He wants to be 110% to face Jon Moxley for the AEW World title on Nov. 19. MJF went on to deliver his usual excellent promo, mixing reality and kayfabe as he listed the things that overshadowed his big moments in the company, from a neck tattoo to a press conference. He plans to define an era in pro wrestling like talents ranging from Bruno Sammartino to John Cena have done, and to that end, he’ll do whatever it takes to become champ next Saturday.

Moxley and William Regal responded, giving a little of their personal history as a way to compare MJF to the champ. They questioned Max’s claims that he’s “The Devil”, and warned him that just like Regal told Mox after their feud ended, everything up until now was easy. They hope Friedman will one day take AEW on his back, and they plan to teach him painful lessons about what that will mean.

In between those, we got a message from the wild card in this program — Hathaway. In a video anyone who’s spent much time in Baltimore will realize was shot at the Inner Harbor while AEW was there last week, Stokely talked about his relationship with MJF and how disappointed he is that his friend’s chosen not to have him by his side as he goes for the title. Why isn’t Big Stoke with Max?

“He’s dickriding Jon Moxley, and the worst crime you can commit is dickriding without a license.”

I did not know you could say that on television. But seeing as this was in a pre-taped video, apparently you can!

AEW’s always worked a little blue, but we’d recently heard that Warner Bros Discovery execs wanted them to tone it down a bit. While he was still with the company, Ace Steel was said to have been fined for saying “fuck” on the air. “Dickriding” (which is, according to the most PG definition on Urban Dictionary, “when someone overpraises another person with intentions to get noticed, or to get approval by that person”) seems to be okay, though.

That funny/shocking line was part of an overall strong set-up for the main event in Newark on the 19th. Will Hathaway and The Firm cost MJF the title? Or are they still in cahoots? Is Regal going to ditch Moxley for a younger version?

Let us know what you think, and check out the rest of the highlights from last night’s Dynamite. AEW doesn’t release all their YouTube videos at the same time. But we’ve compiled what they’ve released as of this morning in a playlist (which includes both MJF and Mox’s promos), and tried to catch you up with the rest of the episode via Twitter clips below that.

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