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Saraya never talked to WWE about wrestling again, explains why she chose AEW


While word has gotten around that Saraya is cleared to wrestle for AEW, and she got physical in her latest appearance on Dynamite, fans have wondered how and why this didn’t happen sooner, namely when she was still with WWE. After all, that company cleared the likes of Bryan Danielson and Edge.

So why not her?

During a Twitch stream, she explained it’s because she never brought it up to them (transcription via Fightful):

“Me and WWE never had that discussion about having a match. I never brought it up to them about me potentially wrestling. If I was to talk them about it, I’m sure they would do the research. I wasn’t mentally ready. It still makes me nervous, but I’m way smarter about it. I know what I can and can’t do. I’m not expecting to do six German suplexes off the top. I’m not that wrestler anyway.”

As for the decision to make the jump, for her it was quite simple:

“WWE were wonderful, they gave me a lot of opportunities, and I am forever grateful for that. The only downside that made me pick AEW from WWE is I don’t like sitting on my butt and not knowing what I’m doing or if I’m allowed to do certain things. I’m pro-WWE, but I love AEW and I wanted something new and I wanted freedom. That was very important.”

Saraya’s streaming on Twitch and ability to make money on outside endeavors more generally is a perfectly reasonable explanation. She would go on to say Tony Khan has been receptive to her ideas and actually using them, and that clearly seems important to her as well.

This likely won’t end questions surrounding all this, but at least now she’ll have comments to point back to.

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