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More on Saraya’s status at AEW

All Elite Wrestling

Saraya exchanged punches with Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D on Dynamite two nights ago (Weds., Oct. 5), and kicked poor Rebel in the face.

It was the first time we’ve seen her get physical in a wrestling ring since 2017, back when she worked as Paige for WWE. And it certainly looked like a positive sign for Saraya’s hopes of wrestling again after her surgically repaired neck forced her to retire more than four years ago. But the fact the 30 year didn’t take a bump led some to rein in their excitement (or concern) for the future.

Then Dave Meltzer, who two weeks ago reported Saraya was not yet medically cleared to wrestle, mentioned on one of Wrestling Observer’s audio shows while discussing the scene on Dynamite that she was cleared. And in this week’s Observer Newsletter, he wrote about that in a little more detail.

Per Meltzer’s latest, AEW staff physician Dr. Michael Sampson has cleared Saraya to wrestle. The former WWE NXT and Divas champ was clearly being positioned for a program with ex-AEW Women’s champ Baker, and now it looks like they have the go ahead.

Presumably, Saraya and Sampson have consulted with neck & spine specialists in making their decision. That could explain why she didn’t arrive ready to go... but it’s also possible this was done weeks ago and reporters were slow to get the story, and/or Tony Khan always planned to tease her status in this way.

Let us know what you think, and if you’re excited to see Saraya actually make the AEW ring her house the way she’s been talking about doing since Grand Slam.

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