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Andrade is involved with alleged real and kayfabe tampering

Based on the latest reports about AEW’s dysfunction du jour, even if Triple H & team reaching out to wrestlers under contract to Tony Khan doesn’t result in any of them showing up in WWE, it may still have achieved a strategic purpose.

That didn’t stop AEW from incorporating a contract tampering angle into their storytelling, and using one of WWE’s prime targets in the program.

A reunion between Matt Hardy & Private Party has been in the works for a while, with the angle mostly playing out online. In case you don’t recall, Andrade El Ídolo executed a hostile takeover of the Hardy Family Office, with Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy siding with El Ídolo and having a quick feud with the Hardys. After Jeff Hardy’s suspension (remember when that was AEW’s biggest crisis?), Matt began to have a change of heart toward his old proteges. When Private Party’s fortunes didn’t improve under Andrade’s leadership, they did too.

Hints that AEW would have this mirror WWE’s actions showed up on Dynamite last week when the elder Hardy urged Quen & Kassidy to “quit, get out of your deal”...

Then last night (Oct. 5), while Andrade obviously wasn’t there, Jose the Assistant threatened to take Private Party for their role in Hardy’s tampering scheme:

The net result so far is that PP will team with RUSH against Blackpool Combat Club on this week’s reworked Rampage. Other than that, it’s not clear winking at behind-the-scenes reports is something that’s going to cause any of these folks to get over or turn this into a money-making angle. But at least it’s a story for some folks who weren’t doing much otherwise.

It’s also a story that can continue while Andrade is on suspension or gone from the company entirely, which seems like it will be on of the real world outcomes of WWE’s alleged actions.

Let us know what you think, and check out the rest of the highlights from last night’s Dynamite. AEW doesn’t release all their YouTube videos at the same time. But we’ve compiled what they’ve released as of this morning in a playlist, and tried to catch you up with the rest of the episode via Twitter clips below that.

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