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Tony Khan talks CM Punk, The Elite, Saraya, FTR & Andrade, but doesn’t say much

All Elite Wrestling

Because it’s National Scissoring Day... okay, it’s actually because it’s Dynamite’s 3rd Anniversary tonight (Oct. 5) and AEW has two live broadcasts coming our way on Friday... Tony Khan has been doing the media rounds.

As you’re probably aware since you’re on a wrestling blog right now, there’s been A LOT going on at AEW for the past few months. With the company’s owner, president & booker doing interviews, he’s going to get asked about things like the status of the investigation into the post-All Out brawl, and whether or not his newest free agent signing can wrestle.

Questions about CM Punk & The Elite and their suspensions got a standard “no comment” (although Khan did reveal to Variety that the investigation into the fight is not yet complete, and told SI that media scrums after PPV events will continue despite Punk’s gripebomb), which is also more or less what he said when’s Connor Casey asked if Saraya is cleared:

“I will, at some point, for sure address that and I think we’ll find out more about what Saraya is going to do in AEW, but that’s not really something I could answer here. But I think keep watching... and you’re going to find out more about what Saraya is going to do in AEW.”

Casey also got a circuitous non-answer when he asked about AEW’s Rankings, which haven’t been updated since August and that the company is rumored to be de-emphasizing:

“I haven’t updated it lately because I think so much has been fluid, coming out of the Grand Slam Tournament of Champions in particular. It’s a fluid situation coming out of Grand Slam and I think now I’m reevaluating it and quite possibly could bring them back soon, but certainly made a lot of changes for the better that led to our best ratings of the year in many ways because we really zoned in and have had, I think, a lot of our best shows in recent months.”

What about a couple of the most recent controversies, like FTR playfully calling out their boss about not being booked as a tag team?

“FTR have wrestled at singles. They have had some trios and, of course, have had a number of pay-per-view matches in that time, both in Ring of Honor and in AEW. But I think we could look to see them in tag action and maybe defending some of those tag team titles that they hold. They hold three different tag team championships in companies that we all have affiliations with, across Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and Lucha Libre AAA. And certainly, I’ve been instrumental in organizing their bookings overseas and with Ring of Honor, where I also do the bookings.”

Or Andrade’s (pre-Sammy Guevara) Twitter complaints?

“Well, I would say that I would keep it between me and him and I’ll show him a professional courtesy that I think is both professional and courteous and that’s a good way to do it.”

So there you have it... even though “it” isn’t much.

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