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Ricky Starks & Evil Uno have good ideas for settling things down in the AEW locker room

Ricky Starks’ Twitter

After a few weeks of relative calm and reported good vibes backstage at AEW, Sammy Guevara & Andrade El Ídolo had a Twitter spat.

It was prompted by some comments Andrade made in an interview about an incident that may or may not have happened between the two men earlier this year. It also prompted a lot of eye rolling and questions about what exactly is going on behind the scenes in Tony Khan’s company.

We don’t have enough information to do anything but speculate about possible solutions. But two guys that have been in the locker room from the jump shared a few ideas yesterday (Oct. 4).

Ricky Starks deleted his (although the above pic he posted in their place is worth the proverbial 1,000 words), but that doesn’t mean they didn’t contain sage advice:

And that wasn’t even Tricky Ricky’s best idea...

If you need context for that one, know that before he was independent luchador Cinta de Oro, Jose Arriaga was Hunico and the second Sin Cara during his time with WWE. Then read this, and this.

As for why Starks deleted his tweets. Well, there’s the obvious reason. But Absolute’s is better:

Evil Uno’s tweets aren’t a museum exhibit, but that doesn’t mean the longtime Dark Order captain doesn’t have a quality way to solve TK’s problem...

And if you fear that might cost you one of Wrestling Twitter’s best tweeters, fear not!

So while you may have let out a deep sigh yesterday when the Andrade/Sammy story broke, just know that there are creative problem solvers on the AEW roster. Don’t give up hope for peace in the locker room.

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