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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Oct. 5, 2022): 3rd Anniversary

All Elite Wrestling

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight at 8 pm ET on TBS.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we’re looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This week’s episode comes our way from Entertainment & Sports Arena in Washington, D.C.. It’ll feature Daniel Garcia teaming with his hero Bryan Danielson to take on his mentor Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara, and MJF & Wheeler Yuta revisiting their rivalry as AEW celebrates three years of Dynamite. Plus, Hangman Page vs. RUSH, Wardlow defends the TNT title against Brian Cage, women’s trios action pitting a Saraya-cornered team of Toni Storm, Athena & Willow Nightingale against Dr. Britt Baker’s squad of Jaime Hayter, Serena Deeb & Penelope Ford, Darby Allin battling Jay Lethal, Luchasaurus in action, NATIONAL SCISSORING DAY, and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TBS. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Banked on memory, mummified circuitry, skin graft machinery, sputnik sickles found in the seats. Self-destruct sequence, this station is non-operational, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Wheeler YUTA

Friedman ducks under a collar and elbow, a little Fargo strut, brushing his shoulder off, shrugging when the crowd boos him. Lockup works this time, Max gets YUTA in the corner and breaks dirty with a right hook that Wheeler ducks! YUTA putting boots to him, whip across, up and over, big arm drags but MJF ducks the dropkick!

Wheeler with his own strut, big dropkick, Olympic Slam, he goes up top but Friedman rolls away! Slinging YUTA into the turnbuckles, putting boots to him, whip into the corner and Max poses for the crowd! Cravate applied, Wheeler gets to his feet, waistlock, Friedman stomps his foot to break free!

Jawbreaker, off the ropes, MJF catches him with a backbreaker and a tilt-a-whirl slam... NOPE! Max is in control and we go to break.

Back from commercial, both men are down and out and referee Bryce Remsburg issues a standing ten count. Small package for two, trading kicks, YUTA wants an O’Connor roll or a German suplex but MJF gets away! Wheeler ducks around and hits a first German suplex, a second, hanging on, number three connects!

Looking for number four, popping his hips, he dumps MJF on the back of his neck! Wheeler fired up, up top, back elbow, double stomp to the arm! Whip across, reversed, big kneeling powerbomb on the knee from Friedman... SO CLOSE! Trading slaps, chops, Max spits in YUTA’s eye!

Wheeler cuts him off with an enzuigiri, drawing him up, a chop, off the ropes, sunset flip, reversed and back again, rolling around the ring, neither man able to get much past a one count! Jackknife gets YUTA two, fight out of a backslide attempt, Tombstone reversals, victory roll, two, reversals on those too, Max crosses the legs but can’t keep him down!

Double lariats, both men down and out! Remsburg issuing his count, up to six, seven, eight, nine, both men up! Jockeying for position in the turnbuckles, a little yambag Yahtzee per Taz, Max gets him on his shoulder and clutched but Wheeler blocks the avalanche piledriver with his legs!

Clawing at Max’s face, walking the rope... AVALANCHE FRANKENSTEINER! Friedman to the floor, Wheeler throws him back inside, perching, Max flips the bird, diving splash... NOT ENOUGH! Salt of the Earth applied, YUTA almost gets the ropes so MJF repositions him, bridging over him...

Maxwell Jacob Friedman wins by submission with a bridging Salt of the Earth.

Post-match, Wheeler spins Max around and offers a hand! Friedman struggles with the idea and Lee Moriarty attacks YUTA from behind! MJF berates Lee for attacking and Stokely Hathaway appears with the Dynamite Diamond Ring! Friedman takes the ring but seems conflicted as Moriarty holds YUTA up!

William Regal leaves commentary, the old villain, and puts brass knuckles on as he approaches the ring and confronts Max as the crowd chants “you fucked up” at MJF. Friedman tucks his tail and runs!

We get a video package building up tonights tag team main event.

Jericho Appreciation Society are backstage.

They cut a promo on Daniel Garcia, berating him for disrespecting them and rejection Chris Jericho’s gift of a hat (which Jake Hager is wearing and says he quite likes actually) and Y2J says he’s gonna teach some lessons and Daniel better make the right decision or they’ll make him regret it.

Darby Allin vs. Jay Lethal

Circling, Lethal with a go-behind, standing switches, stalemate! To the mat, Allin with a side headlock, he won’t let go of it, turning on the pyrotechnics, and again they stalemate after a dodged springboard crossbody! Whip across, up and over, monkey flip, monkey flip, referee Paul Turner almost gets wiped out and Jay takes control!

Working the knee with stomps, whip across and Darby collapses! Playing possum, he pops up into a guillotine choke, Lethal getting to his feet, elbows to the thigh, float over, inverted DDT from Allin! Cover for two and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Lethal in control, setting Allin up top and beating him up, avalanche dragon screw sets up the figure four leglock! Getting away, sidestepping the Lethal Injection, Yoshi Tonic connects... SO CLOSE! Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh come to the stage, trading pinning predicaments...

Darby Allin wins by pinfall with the Last Supper.

Post-match, Jay Lethal shakes Darby’s hand and walks out, Dutt and Singh behind him and talking excitedly.

We get a video package about Prince Nana and the Embassy.

Brian Cage vs. Wardlow (c) (AEW TNT Championship)

Cage ramming him into the corner, shoulder thrusts, Tiger feint kick countered into a World’s Strongest Slam and Wardlow is getting back into it. Brian gets off a spinebuster in return and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Wardlow with a springboard corkscrew senton atomico, following it up with a German suplex, another one, a belly-to-belly suplex, Cage almost comes back with Drill Claw but eats a thrust spinebuster for two! Brian puts the invisible cigarette out but Mr. Mayhem pops up and hits a headbutt and a lariat!

The straps are down, powerbomb connects! Another one, the symphony tunes up, a few more...

Wardlow wins by pinfall with the Powerbomb Symphony to retain the AEW TNT Championship.

Post-match, the rest of the Embassy attack and beat Wardlow down! Samoa Joe makes the save!

FTR join the fray to well and truly run them off!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial we get footage from earlier today of Dr. Britt Baker, DMD telling us the answer is no, Saraya will not be wrestling in AEW, she hasn’t been medically cleared, so let’s ship her off in some bubble wrap and send her on her way.

So that makes this her house now, right?

Athena, Toni Storm, & Willow Nightingale vs. Jamie Hayter, Penelope Ford, & Serena Deeb

Athena and Ford to start, a little back and forth, the Fallen Goddess trips her up, follows it with a dropkick, whip to the corner, up top, boot connects, crossbody reversed into a powerslam... NOPE! Deeb in, Athena takes her out with a springboard crossbody and tags Storm in!

Shotgun dropkick from the champ, big hip toss, running hip attacks, Hayter tries to come in so Toni clears her out but that opens her up for a chop block from the Professor as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Deeb has Storm under control but Toni gets a bunch of right hands in. Inverted dragon screw cuts her off, Serena clears the apron, Indian Deathlock applied, Athena and Willow in and they both get suplexed! Nightingale and Hayter legal, Willow with a big spinebuster but Deeb breaks it up!

Nightingale in the ropes, Rebel gets a crutch but Saraya takes it from her and runs her off! Small package for two, go-behind, off the ropes, huge pounce takes Deeb out and Willow is fired up! Ford in, Scorpion Kick, Athena with a fancy Codebreaker, Serena with a spear, Storm with a dropkick, Hayter with a Rock Bottom backbreaker, Willow lands a superkick!

Matrix evasion into an Ace Crusher... NIGHTINGALE KICKS OUT! Willow comes back at her...

Athena, Toni Storm, & Willow Nightingale win by pinfall with a Doctor Bomb from Nightingale on Penelope Ford.

Post-match, Britt Baker finds herself surrounded, Saraya throws the first punch and we get a brawl! She throws Baker out of the ring and finds herself face to face with Rebel, who kneels and begs off... SARAYA TAKES HER HEAD OFF WITH A BUZZSAW ROUNDHOUSE KICK!

We get an interview from earlier of Rush and Jose confronting Private Party for not holding up their end of the bargain.

The Acclaimed make their entrance for our National Scissoring Day festivities.

They take the podium and welcome us to the first annual National Scissoring Day. It’s a very special night unlike anything in our great sport’s history, and it’s brought to you by the Acclaimed, the most popular, most winningest, and the best damn homegrown team in AEW history.

Today it was made official, the Scissor Me, Daddy Ass t-shirt is the number one selling t-shirt in 2022. AEW doesn’t stand for All Elite Wrestling, it stands for Acclaimed Every Wednesday. Anthony Bowens continues, saying scissoring is a handshake and the sign of a true team, and the people want to be represented by a real team, not like Keith Lee and Sneaky Swerve.

This isn’t Swerve’s house— Billy Gunn takes over and says this is Daddy Ass’s house. Now for everybody in the building and the millions and millions of people at home, it’s National Scissoring Day, and he was sent down to City Hall today and asked if he’d present the Acclaimed with this.

He reaches under the podium and gets out a gold foil package, which they open to reveal a big gold scissors! Bowens runs around the ring with the scissors and Daddy Ass admonishes him for it. Max Caster asks us to offer a gesture of peace and understanding to our left and our right by scissoring.

As National Scissoring Day comes to a close, he wants to talk about greatness. About forty years ago, here in this city, Washington, DC, greatness was achieved when they won the Super Bowl. Lots of people don’t remember that, he wasn’t even born yet, but it means a lot to him because his dad was on that championship team.

His Super Bowl ring is his prize possession, he wears it every day and it’s proof he achieved greatness, like they have their tag titles. This city also represents the ugly side of our country, the division between us, but we all agree— everyone loves the Acclaimed. Today there’s no left and no right, no red and no blue, the Acclaimed wear pink and everybody looks great in pink.

They’re gonna do a bipartisan scissor to unite the country, but as they come together—

Enter Shane “Swerve” Strickland.

He says this is the most idiotic thing he’s ever seen and he congratulates Billy Gunn on getting kids suspended in this decade like he did twenty years ago. The tag titles shouldn’t be on their shoulders, they should be on Billy’s, because it’s his fault they won the tag titles.

They got to get back to business, so next week in Toronto, it’s gonna be Billy Gunn coming into Swerve’s house, one-on-one. And don’t put those fingers up in his face, because you’ll never use that hand again, because we all know rock beats scissors every day. (He’s literally holding a rock.)

Enter “Smart” Mark Sterling, holding papers.

He says paper beats rock and he’s been saying Swerve sucks for ages and he claims the Acclaimed need him to help beat Strickland because they can’t do it themselves. He offers to represent them and asks for a four-way scissor but gets laid out with a slam and a diving leg drop!

Daddy Ass accepts the match and says Shane can leave now because they have one more thing to do, and he and the Acclaimed all scissor.

We get a Dark Order video package for their trios title match at Rampage, celebrating Brodie Lee’s career, and that sends us to break.

Back from commercial, Madison Rayne and Skye Blue are interviewed.

Rayne says she’s seen endless potential in the women’s division in the months she’s been here and she sees quite the future for Skye. Tay Melo and Anna Jay roll up to taunt her about needing more charisma. Blue points out there’s two on each side and challenges them to a tag match on Friday.

They accept because sports entertainers always beat wrestlers and walk off.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Rush

Trading forearms, Page backs down first and comes right back in with chops! Trading heavy hands, Rush wants more and Hangman gives him more! Off the ropes, duck a lariat, to the apron, back roll and El Toro Blanco is feeling tranquilo! To the floor, throwing Adam into the barricade, smashing him into a chair before grabbing a camera cable to whip and choke him!

Referee Aubrey Edwards warns him off and we go to break.

Back from commercial, slugging it out, whip reversed, duck a lariat, Page catches a crossbody and hits a fallaway slam leaving both men down! Kip-up, fired up, Rush is right there to meet him with an elbow to the jaw as we see MJF watching backstage!

Whip across, back body drop to the apron, triangle lariat from Hangman! Crossbody to the floor, throwing El Toro Blanco back inside, off the ropes, duck a lariat, this time Page gets a Death Valley Driver... SO CLOSE! Rush puts him in the corner, stomps, stepping on his shoulders, Adam powers up, spinebuster into a jackknife pin... NOT ENOUGH!

Rush snaps off a piledriver... STILL NO! Page to the apron, lines him up...

“Hangman” Adam Page wins by pinfall with Buckshot.

Post-match, Private Party are about to jump Adam Page but Jon Moxley comes down!

He slides in the ring and gets on the mic, squaring up with Hangman. Jon says he’s been waiting for this for three years, watching and studying Page because he knew this was coming. Between the two of them they’ve beaten just about everybody there is to beat in AEW, except each other.

On October 18 in his home arena, where he used to smoke and drink under the bridge outside, there’ll be one last man standing here in AEW. In thirteen days he’s gonna leave his house, walk down Vine Street, show up at Heritage Bank Center, break his face and choke him until he turns blue, because he’s in the way of him being the one true top guy in AEW and the best in the world.

He’s got all the respect in the world for his abilities and talents and he admires Adam as a person, but when that bell rings, he ain’t got any goddamn respect for anything.

He goes to leave and Hangman calls him out, saying if he’s been waiting for this so long, where’s he going right now. Moxley turns around and comes back in, he gets in Hangman’s face and calls him a sweet kid, and like a lot of kids around here he runs his mouth and gets himself in trouble.

He’s gonna let him off the hook this once, but this is his final warning. Thirteen days, watch your goddamn mouth.

Willow Nightingale is interviewed backstage.

She’s stoked about her win and she’s on a roll, so at Battle of the Belts she’s gonna challenge for the TBS Championship.

Jade and her entourage roll up, bickering, and Nightingale shoves them back. Jade says she’s already beat her twice, and Willow asks if she can beat her a third time. Nobody can win forever, so what if she’s 38-1, and Willow’s the one?

Fuego Del Sol vs. Luchasaurus

It’s a squash so fast I don’t even get my heading written before the finish and miss the move...

Luchasaurus wins by pinfall.

Post-match, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry runs in with a chair and wallops Luchasaurus, running him off! He gets on the mic and says the dino man was his best friend and after everything he chose Christian Cage and he broke his heart.

But now he’s going to break his fingers, his nose, his arm, all of him, piece by miserable piece. You pick the time and the place, and Jack will be ready. Christian grabs the mic and tells Perry he told him not to come back and it’d be easy to drop him and leave him in a pool of his own piss and blood.

But he said pick the time and the place, and the match won’t happen here in front of these losers, no the time is next Wednesday in his home town of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Commentary hypes up next week’s show and we get a video for the All-Atlantic Championship match between PAC and Trent Beretta to send us to break.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson & “Red Death” Daniel Garcia vs. Le Sex Gods (Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara)

Sorry folks, technical error in our composer lost me the first half of the match, but as you can expect from a tag match it was mostly pretty back and forth but we went to break with JAS in control.

Back from commercial, Danielson snaps off a suplex and goes up top but Jericho runs interference and Guevara lands a gamengiri! Spanish Fly off the top... NOPE! Double whip as Le Sex Gods work Bryan over and taunt! Tags made, Garcia face-to-face with Jericho, Sammy tries for the blindside but Red Death swats him out of mid-air!

Punch for wild punch, into the corner, boots, big suplex, cover for two! Penalty Kick follows, Garcia running hot, off the ropes a second time and he gets caught! Reversing the Walls into the Dragontamer! Chris gets free, trading chops hell bent for leather, off the ropes and Jericho catches himself!

Lionsault, the knees are up! Tag to Sammy, springboard... COUNTERED INTO A BODYSCISSORS SLEEPER! SHIFT TO A CROSSFACE, DANIELSON HAS JERICHO IN THE LEBELL LOCK! Wrestlers pivot to the overhead elbows! Going up top with Guevara, double back superplex but he lands on his feet!

Spinning kick takes Garcia out, standing Spanish Fly, back suplex toe kick to the spine but Red Death kicks out! Sammy gets him up, GTH countered, Shotei... PILEDRIVER! Cover... JERICHO BREAKS IT UP! Dragon with a knee off the apron to neutralize the ROH World Champion!

Guevara with forearms, Daniel with a boot, superkick for a lariat and both men are down and out! Danielson gets spinebustered into the timekeeper’s table on the floor and Jericho suplexes him through it after! Sammy with a knee, follows it up with the GTH, mounted punches!

He goes up top, shooting star press... THE KNEES ARE UP! DRAGONTAMER! JERICHO CLOCKS HIM WITH THE TITLE BELT! Sammy leans in...

Le Sex Gods win by pinfall with a lateral press from Sammy Guevara on Daniel Garcia.

Post-match, Jericho considers Garcia while he considers his loss.

That’s the show, folks.

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