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Candidates for AEW mystery opponents on Dynamite and Rampage

AEW has two mystery opponents in line this week for Dynamite and Rampage. Let’s have some fun breaking down possible candidates.

First up is Chris Jericho for Dynamite. Le Champion was angry about losing to the Blackpool Combat Club in tag team action, so he threw out an open challenge to defend the ROH World Championship. Jericho was previously focused on desecrating the legacy of ROH by defeating the promotion’s former world champions in the ring. This time, Jericho widened the pool by allowing any former ROH champion, which includes TV, Pure, Tag Team, and Six-Man.

That’s a big list of names to choose from. Let’s cross off the ROH world champions. Jericho specifically stated any former ROH champion instead of just world champions, so it is safe to assume AEW did that for a reason. Digging deep into ROH history, there are two names in particular that I have my eye on. Colt Cabana and Chris Hero.

Cabana is a two-time ROH tag champ. Funny enough, he was partners with CM Punk for those reigns. The alleged reason Cabana has been removed from AEW TV was drama with Punk. With rumors of AEW buying out Punk’s contract, this would be a fitting time to bring Cabana back to challenge for The Ocho. Boom Boom would no doubt receive a huge pop as the mystery opponent.

Hero (aka Kassius Ohno in NXT) is also a two-time ROH tag champ. His partner was Claudio Castagnoli, who is currently feuding with the Jericho Appreciation Society. Hero arriving as a hero to smash the enemy of his friend would be a neat story in a pinch. It could also provide motivation for Jericho to dish out extra pain as payback from being pinned by Claudio.

A few other names to consider include Dragon Lee, Tomohiro Ishii, and Shane Taylor. Dragon Lee is a two-time ROH tag champ and two-time ROH TV champ. The luchador made a positive impression when he debuted against the Elite in trios action alongside Los Ingobernables. Dragon Lee would light a fire of excitement in the ring. Ishii is a former ROH TV champ and a choice to make Jericho crap his pants. Imagine the BWE BSEE running his mouth, then the Stone Pitbull appears on stage. That matchup would be a lot of fun. If you’re looking for someone to debut as a new signee to AEW, Shane Taylor fits the bill. Taylor previously held the ROH TV title and ROH six-man strap. Taylor has all the tools to succeed on the big stage as a heavyweight hoss.

The second mystery opponent will appear on Rampage. Options hinge on a Dynamite title fight. Orange Cassidy will defend the AEW All-Atlantic Championship in a three-way against Fenix and Luchasaurus. The winner advances to Rampage to defend against a dream opponent of their choice.

The Orange Cassidy character doesn’t seem like he would spend energy to have a dream opponent in mind. For that reason, I’m thinking he chooses a complete opposite to his style. Minoru Suzuki comes to mind. Cassidy exchanging strikes with Murder Grandpa would be a spectacle.

For Fenix, I’m thinking a special veteran who can dance in the lucha libre style. Juventud Guerrera could return to AEW for this special bout. Not only for dream match reasons, but this one runs deeper on the lucha libre scene. They had a few exchanges through social media recently that were hard to tell if real heat was developing. For example, Fenix mocked the idea of working with the juicy one.

AAA or CMLL, can someone program Juventud versus Fenix? Oh! I’m sorry Juvi, I forgot that nobody wants to work with you. We can do something, make your event and pay me to go fight against you.

Fenix versus Juvi would have a chippy vibe that could lead to receipts in the ring. Ultimo Dragon and Psicosis would also be a good fits for Fenix.

If Luchasaurus wins the title, we all know he won’t be making the decision. Christian Cage calls the shots in the relationship with his right hand of destruction. Christian is likely to choose a snack for the dino to chow. One man in particular fits that bill and also wraps back around to Christian’s feud with Jungle Boy. I’m talking about the diminutive Marko Stunt. I have to credit colleague Cain A. Knight for that idea. Stunt is a perfect choice as a Jurassic Express running mate for Christian to prove his control over Luchasaurus.

Who do you think will be the mystery opponents for Dynamite and Rampage?

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