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Miro made his CBS prime time debut last night

We’ve known for a while The Redeemer would be on the new show ‘East New York’. It premiered last night, and there he was!

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It’s not the reason why we haven’t seen Miro on AEW television lately (that would be the roster’s lack of cajones, per The Redeemer himself), but we have known for a while that the former TNT champ would be appearing on the new CBS police procedural, East New York.

That series debuted last night (Oct. 2), and sure enough, there was our Bulgarian heartthrob. Miro sent us a reminder right before the show hit the airwaves...

East New York is a pretty standard network television cop show, but it’s CBS’ attempt at doing one in a post-George Floyd world, so the lead is attempting to implement some reforms to improve relations between the department and the communities they police. Miro isn’t involved in that, though. He plays a Russian bad guy named Nikolai, and is billed under his real name, Miroslav Barnyashev.


While some outlets have reported Nikolai is a recurring role for Miro, if it is, he’s gonna be appearing in flashbacks. Nikolai is very clearly shot in the middle of his forehead in the big concluding scene for the episode’s crime-of-the-week plot.

So, it’s a nice gig for The Redeemer, but not one that’s likely to keep him off AEW television. That would be his co-workers’ lack of testicular fortitude.

You can watch the premiere episode of East New York for free on CBS’ website here.

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