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Britt Baker admits she doesn’t like Thunder Rosa, but it makes for good TV


Britt Baker touched on a wide variety of topics during her interview this week on the Swerve City Podcast.

While discussing how real tension and a competitive nature can enhance a pro wrestling match or angle, Swerve Strickland asked if that’s what Baker and Thunder Rosa bring out of each other. Here is Baker’s response:

“For sure. We always say it’s kind of like the Batman and Joker. One needs the other for the success story to happen. We don’t like each other. There’s always tension, but that tension makes good TV. I still think it’s my division.”

They moved on to talk about Britt receiving constant hate on social media. She said there are a lot of people out there who don’t realize comparing her to Charlotte Flair is a compliment:

“I do get compared to Charlotte all the time on Twitter. Which for me, I’m like, okay cool, one of the best women’s wrestlers of all-time. You’re so mean for calling me that.”

Her boyfriend Adam Cole gets a lot of hate on social media too, even though he has been off TV for months after suffering a concussion. Baker said it’s frustrating because he’s the nicest guy in the business:

“He is the nicest guy, I think in all of wrestling, and gets so much hate for no reason. He has not been on TV for months and he’s trending every other day...shut up and leave him alone and let him heal.”

“He loves wrestling more than any fan on the planet. He lives for professional wrestling. And all he wants to do is put on a good performance for all the fans. That’s all he cares about...all he wants is to make fans happy.”

Finally, Baker says everyone in AEW can be replaced except for one person:

“What’s so toxic is when someone thinks they’re bigger than the company, or that the company needs them. No. There is literally no one in AEW that they need other than Tony Khan to survive. Everybody can be replaced.”

Given that AEW is reportedly working on a buyout of its biggest draw, CM Punk, it’s hard to argue too much with Britt on this one, even though it’s far from a worker-friendly sentiment. Then again, it was just a few months ago when Vince McMahon was replaced in WWE, and the company is much better off for his absence. It’s interesting to wonder if there will come a day when Tony Khan is replaceable in AEW too.

What do you make of Baker’s comments, Cagesiders?

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