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Eddie Kingston has a simple explanation for AEW’s backstage drama

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the answer is simple.

AEW’s Twitter

We’ve heard a few AEW folks chime in on the reports of chaos & drama behind-the-scenes at the company. MJF did it. As did Wardlow. Heck, once upon a time, even owner Tony Khan had a take.

Recently, someone who’s been involved in one of AEW’s backstage beefs weighed in with his analysis. And what Eddie Kingston told the Eat, Sleep, Podcast, Repeat crew makes a lot of sense:

“It’s real simple. You’ve got a lot of people back there with egos. Some people believe other people don’t deserve to be in AEW, other people do believe they deserve to be in AEW.

“So when you’ve got a bunch of guys — men and women — who don’t know how to use their words? [laughs] Things are gonna happen in the back.”

Kingston’s shared a fair amount about his ongoing mental health journey, and it’s doing that kind of work that you raise your emotional IQ and learn how to “use your words”. We’re hearing more and more about wrestlers who prioritize mind & spirit as much as they do their bodies, but as is the case with the general population, they’re still in the minority.

Eddie’s on to something about how an excess of pride combined with a lack of self-understanding and communication skills can lead to conflict — everywhere, but especially in a traditionally cutthroat business like wrestling.

Can it be fixed, in society or the AEW locker room? That answer’s not as simple as the one the Mad King gave here.

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