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The Elite’s camp calls CM Punk’s dog story ‘an outright lie’

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The investigation into the post-All Out backstage fight between CM Punk & The Elite is apparently wrapping up. Punk’s friend & brawl ally Ace Steel’s been released, and AEW’s begun teasing the returns of Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks to television.

It also seems to indicate the veil of silence over what happened in the early morning hours on Sept. 5 has been lifted. No one’s going on record with their account, but for the first time since the week after All Out we’re hearing from anonymous people close to Punk and The Elite.

First, it was the new allegation from Punk’s camp that his dog was injured at the outset of the incident. Now, it’s a response from Omega & The Bucks’ people, given to Dave Meltzer.

Meltzer shared that, along with talking about how yesterday was the first any of his sources had heard about Larry the dog’s teeth being damaged in the fight, on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio:

“The investigation is over and I think it’s very clear by who’s back and who’s not back what happened, what the investigation found out, and Punk, or someone in the Punk camp told Nick Hausman a bunch of stuff.

“Everyone is still banned from talking publicly about what happened and the situation. The investigation is over, and you can tell by who’s back and by who’s not back. Also kind of like what Punk said, he mentioned that the investigation never talked to Lucy Guy [Ace Steel’s wife], which is true, they never did, for whatever reason, and I don’t have a reason, but they never did. I heard that, and had written that and talked about that already. He mentioned that, which would tell you that he was not happy with the results of the investigation.

“And based on who’s back and who is not back, that will tell you essentially what the investigation found. Because if what happened, happened as he claimed, it would be the other way around. He would be the one back and they would be the ones not back. So I think that’s a pretty clear thing as far as what the investigation found.

“I don’t know what he [Punk] is allowed to say publicly, but I do know that the other guys are not allowed to talk about it, so you’re not gonna get anything from them for — maybe never. But certainly not any time soon.

“The response to what was said was basically, ‘It’s an outright lie.’ I did have that told to me, but they could not, you know, nobody could really say anything more as far as the dog thing goes.”

Because of his relationships with not only The Elite, but other powerful people at AEW like Chris Jericho, many will dismiss anything from Meltzer as biased. But a key point, from this quote and in general, is that there’s been very little change in Kenny & The Bucks’ story — whether it’s coming from The Observer, or Fightful, or PWInsider, or PWTorch — while this is the third or fourth version we’ve heard from Punk’s side.

Nothing is likely to change anyone’s mind at this point, though. If you’ve sided with Punk throughout, you’ll believe his latest details as proof of how wrong The Elite were. If you’re inclined to go with Kenny & The Bucks’ account, you’ll dismiss Punk’s dog story as last grasp spin.

Whichever “camp” you fall into though, hopefully we can all agree this needs to be over soon. It’s a bad look for all involved, and whatever the outcome of AEW’s investigation, the company and all parties will be better off when the stories about whatever happened after All Out are behind them.

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