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Eddie Kingston’s rage has turned into a comedy act

The next chapter of Eddie Kingston’s run in AEW started to take shape with issues controlling his temper. His angry rage and lust for violence cost him a win over Sammy Guevara when the decision was overturned due to post-match punishment. Last week, Kingston’s post-match outburst almost cost him a tag team win. Ortiz talked sense into his partner before forcing the referee to make a tough call. This week on Elevation, Kingston’s antics struck again. The tone was different this time when it turned into a comedy act along the way.

Kingston and Ortiz wrestled Russ Myers and T-Money (starting at 3:21 of Elevation). The fan favorites took care of business with Ortiz finishing T-Money on a brainbuster for victory.

Afterward, Kingston lost his cool. He picked up Myers for a cheapshot spinning backfist and landed some punches on the mat. Ortiz corralled the Mad King while referee Bryce Remsburg threatened to reverse the decision. Kingston calmed down, but that was a fake-out to run around Ortiz and blast more punches on Myers. Ortiz had to step in again. Kingston exited the ring calmly to try and sneak a chair into the ring. Ortiz and Remsburg caught Fast Eddie before he could do more damage.

Reading the summary doesn’t make Kingston’s actions sound silly, but you have to watch it for yourself to see how Kingston played to the crowd as a comedy act.

In my opinion, this story has quickly taken a turn for the worse. It went from badass Eddie with violent tendencies to quirky Eddie who is not much different from Festus at this point. Kingston is now a clown act.

It should be pointed out that part of this goofing around is the atmosphere for Elevation. Kingston leaned into the foolishness to pop the crowd, and it was a success. They were chanting his name in approval. Plus, Myers did cheapshot Kingston before the bout began, so Kingston’s spinning backfist was justified payback.

All is not lost though. Kingston is still cutting his typical street tough promos in NJPW. Check out Kingston hyping a tag match teaming with Kazuchika Okada against “Switchblade” Jay White and “Rock Hard” Juice Robinson at Rumble on 44th Street on October 28.

Do you like the comedy twist on Eddie Kingston’s antics?

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