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Wardlow says AEW has ‘really changed’ after the backstage fight at All Out

AEW on Twitter

There’s been a lot of delicious backstage drama plaguing AEW over the last couple months, most notably the backstage fight at All Out between CM Punk and The Elite. AEW President Tony Khan refuses to publicly say a word about most of it, but that doesn’t mean his wrestlers are also keeping their mouths completely shut.

During an interview on the ESPR wrestling podcast, Wardlow was asked about the backstage “chaos” that’s been going on in AEW. In his view, it’s actually made the locker room a lot tighter:

Wardlow: “Everybody backstage has done such a great job of communicating, and we’ve been, honestly through all the, you said chaos...”

ESPR: “It seemed like chaos on the outside.”

Wardlow: “No, absolutely. But, fortunately on the inside, it has made us so much tighter. And I feel like since all that stuff happened, these past couple months have really, really changed the locker room. And we have some really really positive leadership. You know, guys like Jericho and Moxley and Bryan Danielson. They are true leaders, and they’re very passionate. And they’ve done such a good job of getting the locker room together, and on the same page, and getting our company on the right track...I feel like our locker room is as tight as it was when we first started a few years ago. Because when we first started, we were all on the same mission. We were a family. And then we survived COVID together, where we spent more time with each other than our own families...It was really, really special that year where we basically lived in Jacksonville, but everybody bonded so well. And I feel like recently we’re back to that.”

There’s no word yet on which AEW wrestler may have tried to punch Sammy Guevara in the face since I began writing this post.

Are you buying what Wardlow is selling, Cagesiders?

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